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Episode 177 – Membership Dons Review

Episode 177 – Membership Dons Review
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Membership Dons Review

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If you have never heard of Kam Fatz ( interesting nickname) then he’s a pretty cool guy. He seems to be a lone ranger who does not follow the group herd of many marketers and I for one, like that.

Like me, his main thing is YouTube. While I go for more ranking and Video Ads, he is more into audience building and channel growth. All good! He also makes money with his membership site and that hear is what this is all about.

After chatting with Kam on Facebook, he showed me proof of his past membership sites and he also shows you this inside the product training so he is the real deal.

One of his older (now closed sites) is here:

This is the first time I have reviewed one of Kam’s products. Hope you like the review.


Membership Dons Review Video

Membership Dons Sales Funnel

I have ONLY reviewed the Front End. Here are the details on the OTOs but I  have not seen them so cannot comment on them.

FE -$7 – $14.97 Membership Dons is a video course that teaches people how to build and run membership programs.  This is a 21 video course with step by step instructions walking people through the process of how to set up their membership sites, what to put in it for content, how much to charge for it, and how to get customers in it.

OTO1 –  $17 The Digital Takeover is a video course teaching people how Kam doubles revenue with a very specific kind of sales funnel.  It walks through what to use for each part of the funnel and the reasoning behind it.  How to set it up and what to charge for it.  This is a 94-video course

OTO2 – $97 The second OTO is a 1 hour coaching session priced at $97.

Downsell 1 – $10.80 P.M The Epic Conversions Insider’s Club.  It teaches audience building, how to get more traffic, more leads, and more customers.


Membership Dons Review

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