Episode 215 – Mobile Video Boss Review

Last updated on July 8, 2017

Mobile Video Boss Review

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Mobile Video boss is a training on how to set up, shoot and edit videos on your smartphone that look professional.

The creator, Chamberlane Altatis is a pro at video shooting and editing. It is what he does. And now he is teaching it.

To be honest, while I know Cham and I know his product are always well-taught, I was not sure if this one would be so useful as it may require a skill-set that most folk just do not have (me included). But then the only ay to get good at something is to practise it, right?

The below image covers what is taught:

Mobile Video Boss

I went through Mobile Video Pro, and this I what I thought:

Mobile Video Boss Review video

Mobile Video Boss OTO Walkthrough (Tube Sync)

Mobile Video Boss Funnel

There are 2 OTOs as the image below shows.

Mobile Video Boss Review


+ Cham is a pro at this stuff

+ Better quality videos will help conversions no doubt

+ Good for branding



-Cham does have an accent. For me it’s no issue at all but it may be for some (but it shouldn’t).

– May require a little investment in tools. Mic, tripod etc but these are long term investments.


Overall this is well-taught and a good buy for anyone


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