Episode 211 – Msg Leads Review

Last updated on February 19, 2019

Msg Leads Review

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Msg Leads Review – The ‘old-school’ or ‘traditional’ way of doing lead generation on FB involves sending someone away from Facebook.

Ad/FB Messenger Conversation -> Send them to opt-in page -> They enter their email address -> Sent to thank you page

This is kind of detrimental for 3 reasons:

  • Prospects are leaving Facebook (going to your opt-in page). Immediately the trust and safety factor associated with being inside of the Facebook platform is lost. This leads to a decrease in conversions and lost leads.
  • They have to enter their email address manually. Only a certain % of prospects will actually click-through and on top of that, only a certain % will enter their email address.
  • Any engagement or one-on-one personal interaction/engagement you had with your prospect is immediately gone. You’re sending them to an external page and that is most likely the end of the conversation.
  • Using MSGLeads, you can completely solve each of the problems listed above and more.
  • In short, it is a software hosted by them that allows you to integrate your autorepsonder.
  • You then create a link that, when clicked, captures the Facebook email address of the person who clicked, adds it to a list of your choice, stores the lead inside your dashboard and then redirects to any page online.
  • MSG leads also stores the leads inside their platform for you to manually export ( if you wish) to and to potentially:
  • + Upload to a new custom audience to remarket to
  • + Upload to Adwords, twitter..etc

This is how MSG Leads is supposed to work

      • Prospects never leave Facebook. They click a link and are asked to accept inside of Facebook. No external pages, no lost trust and higher conversions.
      • Prospects never have to enter their email address. When a prospect clicks accept, their email address is automatically synced to your email list of choice.
      • Continue engaging with a prospect after you have synced their email address! Engagement remains intact!
      • Integrates with all major autoresponders (no imports/exports of lists)
      • Build Facebook messenger leads AND email leads at the exact same time
      • MSGLeads works with or without FB messenger/bot software (it integrates with all third-party software)
      • Segment to different email lists based on specific campaigns (100% targeting FB campaigns)
      • You can reach leads on Facebook or via email (two platforms) and know that you have two diversified methods of reaching your leads and getting more of your sales messages seen.

        Msg Leads Review Video by Me

    Msg Leads Demo Video by Brad Stephens

Pricing Details

Early Bird $27 – 11AM-5PM EST (6 Hours)

$27.95 5PM until Midnight End of Day One

$28.95 Midnight to 11AM June 9th

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Closing Day $37 from 11AM June 11th until Midnight June 11th EST



OTO1: MSGLeads PRO ($67):

The Pro Version (upgrade #1) is perfect for serious eCom players:

=> It’ll turbocharge your traffic by letting you run campaigns inside FB’s newsfeed

=> It lets you run lead campaigns DIRECTLY on your own websites, stores and pages. With customizable CTA buttons, advanced pop-up technology and even chat boxes to explode your conversions

=> It includes all the analytics you’ll need to scale your winning campaigns

=> AND gives you DFY messaging funnels you can just plug in to AUTOMATE your sales campaigns

Pro Features overview:

  • Run Campaigns within the FB newsfeed
  • Run MSGLeads Facebook email syncing campaigns on any of your websites, eCom stores, blogs or any marketing pages
  • using  3 growth tools:
    • Customizable call-to-action buttons
    • Pop-up technology with all the bells and whistles (exit-intent etc)
    • Chatbox technology
  • Done-for-You Messaging Funnels
  • Analytics

OTO2: MSGLeads Agency ($67)

OTO3: MSGLeads White Label Rights ($197 for 100 Licenses  & $297 for 500 Licenses)


I love it. Of course this is a list building technolgy but if you build a real email list this way, you still need to know how to market via email so my bonus covers that.

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  • 1.Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet for the beginner. All terms and topics explained

    2. How to Organise your campaigns so you keep everything slick

    3. How to Get Better Results with Email Marketing:

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