Episode 260 – MSG Lock Review

Last updated on September 30, 2018

MSG Lock Review

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 11:00 am ET/NY Time

End date – Friday, October 5th 2018 11:59 pm ET/NY Time

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s no secret I love YouTube. But what a lot of folk struggle with is what happens next.

I have always been an advocate of using video platforms to build a list.

Most of the time for me the formula is simple:

  1. Rank a video or Take out an ad
  2. Direct to website
  3. Capture the lead 
  4. Follow up and profit

Building a list is an old concept but one which you cannot ignore.

Despite the popularity of pixels and chatbots, good old fashioned list building still counts for by far the largest amount of my income. 

I’m sure it is the same for the majority of others who make a decent living online.

So when I saw a new product called MSGLock, I was intrigued.

I reached out to Brad Stephens (who does not make many products but always produces stellar stuff).

And while this concept is not a new one, It is something I’d like to employ on some of my niche sites to build lists.

The fact that this also allows you to build Facebook messenger lists makes it even more intriguing.


MSG Lock Review

What is MSG Lock?

MSGLock is a content locker that allows you to collect either Email leads or Facebook messenger leads as folk consume your content.

You can lock Videos, PDFs, Files or content on your WordPress site, HTML pages or page builders such as Clickfunnels.

People come to your site/page, scroll and at a point/place you decide they come to some content that is locked. The only way for them to see/view it is to enter their email address (or go via FB messenger).

You may think it annoying, but it works time and time again.


Feature 1: Collecting Messenger Subscribers

MSGLock gives you the option to collect Messenger subscribers and Email leads in order to unlock your content.

Feature 2: All-in-One Platform

Text content (blog posts, articles etc)

Lead magnets (locking lead magnet files in-line during content)

PDF files (lock content inside the actual PDF files)

Video (lock videos on any website or landing page)

Feature 3: Locks Content DURING Consumption

Lock your content before your prospect consumes it (such as an opt-in page). This actually allows them to read or view your content and lock it during consumption while engagement is high.

Feature 4: Customizable & Integrations

MSGLock works with all websites, landing pages, page builders, major video platforms as well as all third-party Messenger bot platforms.

Feature 5: State-of-the-Art

In an age where huge companies are spending millions of dollars on building addictive loops to keep you coming back, it’s evident that it’s becoming harder to secure long-term attention.

MSGLock collects the lead (on two of the most prominent platforms) during consumption, not before and not after.

Anyhow, enough rambling, here is my review with my own usage of it…

MSG Lock Review video

MSG Lock Demo video

MSG Lock Review of the Funnel

I have only seen the front end to be honest so I cannot really review the MSG Lock funnel. As you go through it, decide what is best for you…



+ Will help 

+ Lots of integrations with the most popular platforms covering all bases

+ WordPress Plugin

GDPR Compliant

+ Easy to use for all


  • You still need to create the content of course and you’ll need a site

Overall, I really like it.

You need to play around with the set up to ensure your MSG Lock looks cool but it’s not hard at all. And anyone with a list will benefit.


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MSGLock Bonus Package

MSGLock Review




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