Episode 284 – My Traffic Jacker Review

Last updated on October 16, 2020

My Traffic Jacker Review

Paul Venables is one of the few video marketing people I know like and trust. 

There aren’t many of them but he is one.

We have worked together on several projects before and he knows his stuff.

I really liked his last software, video traffic genie and when I heard about his latest one, I was keen to know more.

My Traffic Jacker may not be the best name for a software, but what it can do is very powerful.

And before you ask, it is web-based meaning it can work on a MAC or PC,


What does My traffic Jacker do?

Once you log into the dashboard you need to 

Next, you can search for broken and available domains.

To do this you go into the keyword research section and look for domains related to the keywords of your choice.

Once you hit go, the software goes out and scours YouTube for videos related to your keyword that has available domains.

If you hit gold, you can go and purchase that domain and redirect it to your link or even build out a new site.

I did this a while back by finding an expired domain in a Youtube video that reviewed a hair loss product.

I grabbed the domain for $10 and redirected it to my affiliate link and made a few hundred dollars.

Ok, so why don’t I show you how it all works in a video:

My Traffic Jacker Review Video

Case Study: Using My Traffic Jacker To find a domain valued at over $1000


My Traffic Jacker Vs Video Traffic Genie

I know this sounds similar to one of Paul’s previous softwares so I thought I’d share how this and video traffic genie are different.

My Traffic Jacker Differences include:

Fully web based application – so you can access your MTJ account from anywhere and on any device.

Wikipedia for traffic and authority domain hijacking.

Saved Results – allows you to neatly compile and build upon your best results so you can create an army of targeted traffic in your favorite niches. (a part of OTO 2)

Scheduled Domain Reminders – if a domain is broken and abandoned but not yet available to buy, this allows you to get email notifications before and after your selected domain expires.

Automated Backlinks – allows you to automatically send backlinks to your new video and web properties via social syndication. (offered as an OTO)

SubJackers – so you can create sub accounts and delegate the entire process (offered as an OTO)

My Traffic Jacker Review of the Funnel

MyTraffic Jacker review

Here is an outline of the OTOs:


Full access to the MTJ platform to quickly and easily find expired domains that are still posted on Wikipedia and YouTube & “one-click” buy them on NameCheap or Godaddy.

OTO 1: MTJ Case Studies

Multiple over-the-shoulder case studies of Paul using MTJ to find, purchase & monetize campaigns using the domains he finds on Wikipedia and YouTube.

Plus many ways to profit quickly with MTJ.

OTO 2: MTJ Elite

Ability to unlock 2 features inside of MTJ.

The Ocean Search feature will allow you to take one domain and with one-click be able to find Every single video that has that domain posted on it.

So hijacking one video can turn into many videos.

Plus, a Domain Reminder feature which will identify domains that are “dead” but have not yet expired, but as soon as they do expire, you’ll be notified and be the first in line to pick them up.


MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy

SyndLab + SyndBuddy syndication platforms which allows you to quickly “boost” your newly acquired domains with powerful social syndication and social sharing.


MTJ SubJackers

Unlock the VA/subaccess feature so your assistants can do all the hijacking of domains for them without ever compromising their main account.

If you can afford it, I’d get OTO 1 and OTO 3 although VMI members have something similar with Embedinate to OTO 3.

My Traffic Jacker Bonus Summary


+ Nothing to download nor install. Works on all computers

+ Super easy to use. Nice interface. Intuitive

+ Allows you to find domains on YouTube & wikipedia

+ Anyone can make money with it with a bit of effort


  • Can take a little work to uncover the gold. 
  • You still need to take the domain you find and either redirect it to an offer or build it out.

PS…Hope you liked this My Traffic Jacker review. Any questions please let me know below and to get it and the bonuses, clear cookies then click on the button below.

My Traffic Jacker Bonus Package


MyTraffic Jacker review

MyTraffic Jacker review MyTraffic Jacker review


Extra Bonuses:

1. HD STOCK VIDEOS (From My Video Marketing Membership)

Choose ONE from any of the below niches and I’ll send you some videos you can use/edit, do what you want with:

To Claim this, send a ticket after you purchase to [email protected] with your receipt





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