Youtube Ads and New Adwords Interface

How to Set up a Youtube Ad in the  New Adwords Interface

In this post and video, I’ll show you how to set up a YouTube In-stream Ad using the new Google Adwords Interface. This is the first time I have taken out an In-stream ad using the new interface but it’s all good.

If you have never done an Adwords campaign, then you can try here:

The goal here is to build my list using my RSS software. Enjoy the video


In the video, I use an Adreel template for the ad and will be hoping to build my list on a small $5 a day budget that I can increase if all goes well. Adreel made my template creation super simple.

For this campaign, I am remarketing. you can learn about YouTube Remarketing here if you wish.

I hope you liked the video and that the new Adwords Interface does not stop you from taking out some campaigns.

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