Page 1 Ranker Review

Episode 227 – Page 1 Ranker Review

Page 1 Ranker Review

Goes live Nov 15th @ 10AM EST- Trial ends Nov 20th 11:59 EST

As you know, a while ago, The YouTube editor disappeared. This was a shame and affected many marketers. It took away the ability to find Creative Commons videos, edit them and put them on your channel.

Many marketers used this method to poke or probe to see if potential videos would rank before putting time and effort into creating a better one.

So with these issues affecting me too, I wondered what could be done.

Fast forward to now, and Paul Venables and I are proud to release Page 1 Ranker.

This is a new, amazing software that not only partially solves the YT editor issue per se, but does so much more. And it’s web based before you ask so whether you are on a PC or MAC it doesn’t matter.

Page 1 Ranker will allow you to take a video, spin it as much as you want (within reason) and upload to YouTube automatically, to whatever channels you wish. Each video will be perfectly optimized regarding the title, tags, file name and description.

We use something called shortcuts. These are simply sets of keywords, or sets of cities, or sets of locations. The videos below will explain more.

These shortcuts allow you to optimize all parts of your video prior to uploading in a few clicks (literally).

We also integrate with Spin Re-writer so you’ll never need to write a description again if you do not want to.

And, you can then go into YouTube once all your videos are uploaded and create simple link wheels to improve ranking sif needed.

PERFECT for affiliate marketers and those into local marketing.

Let me show you in these 2 videos what I mean.

Video A shows you how to USE Page 1 Ranker.

Video B shows you some results of Page 1 Ranker.

NOTE: These are JUST to SHOW you the software. The videos may be ranked, maybe doing the Google dance when you watch the video or may need a bit of work. you never can tell 100%.

Page 1 Ranker Review Videos

Video A: CaseStudy of the software:

Video B: Review of the software – NOT a case study

So those two videos show you how quick and simple it is to use Page 1 Ranker. What I would like to stress is that this is not a typical IM launch. You know, the ones with 3 upsells, a high ticket sales pitch disguised as a webinar and that then does not get supported. Followed by another software that comes out a month or two later.

We will be supporting this and improving it as time goes on.

Also, I used this for affiliate marketing but you can use the shortcuts to great effect for local marketing.

Simply add a city, choose the radius and the software will spit out all the cities that meet the requirements you set. You can add them to a shortcode and therefore get perfectly city KW optimised videos.

Example. If you wanted to rank for emergency plumber in city A. You can take the same video but rank for ALL cities within, say, a 10 mile radius thus dominating the niche.

Page 1 Ranker Review Funnel

We have a simple funnel. A $1 trial for seven days which, if you decide to continue, will then become $47 per month.

So let me know what you think but for $1 as a trial, try it out.

But it is more than just a software. We provide full training. Not only on how to use the software of course, but more in-depth training on optimization, ranking, syndication and all the other stuff you can do to further improve your rankings.

NOT LIVE UNTIL WEDS AT 10AM EST. Get on the EarlyBird Below.

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