Ultimate Tube Monster Review

Episode 60 – Ultimate Tube Monster Review

Ultimate Tube Monster Review – Build your list with Other Folk’s Viral Videos Goes Live March 17th at 11AM EST… Earlybird from 9-11AM **NEW BONUS ADDED AND THIS IS NINJA(I do not use this term lightly)** Go Down Ultimate Tube Monster Review >> I can rank videos easily. but when it comes to making videos…

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Video Popper Review

Episode 59 -Video Popper Review – Video Pop Ups on Any Site You Own

Video Popper Review-  A Unique Plugin that is kinda cool Pop Ups are as annoying as heck. We all know that. But they work. They do help you get more leads and build your list. So when I heard about Video Popper I was intrigued. Video PopUps? Video Popper Review Video Video Popper goes live…

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Video Cash Bonanza Review

Episode 58 – Video Cash Bonanza Review

Video Cash Bonanza Review $654.63 with a Simple 3.51 Seconds Video..BS or not? Video Cash Bonanza claims to have done just that. Or the creator Ivana Bosnjak does I should add. Before we go into the video review, let me tell you about the funnel and the details: It goes on sale at $5.95. I was provided…

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affiliate arbitrage blueprint review

Episode 57 Affiliate Arbitrage Blueprint Review

Affiliate Arbitrage Blueprint Review The Affiliate Arbitrage Blueprint by Zak Loveday is a 5 step video training course that shows you how to build a buyer’s list and make money. I know Zak and he walks the walk and does exactly as he teaches. He also has great enthusiasm for his teachings and methodology. Front…

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Income Society Review

Episode 56 – The Income Society Review

The Income Society Review – IM Legend Puts it all on the line…   From March 1st, I decided to review less products and focus more on ones that I feel could truly benefit you. This is my first review of the month and it is a monitor 24 module course by IM legend, Adeel…

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Open Rate Sniper Review

Episode 54 – Open Rate Sniper Review

Open Rate Sniper Review – Is this an Email Marketing Masterclass? Open Rate Sniper is an email marketing training by Phil Steptoe that goes live on Feb 27th (seems to be a popular day for offers lol). In the video training, Phil, who knows his stuff in this area, talks about open rates and ninja…

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Easy Tube Profits Review

Episode 53 – Easy Tube Profits Review

Easy Tube Profits Review – There is a Killer Module Inside Easy Tube Profits is a new offer by Art Flair and Shane Nathan that launches on Feb 27th at 11AM EST. Youtube is hot now and it seems every man and his dog is coming out with a video related product. So I was…

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CPA Factory Review

Episode 52 CPA Factory Review

CPA Factory Review – Ranking your CPA Videos Plus a Ninja Software   CPA Factory is a CPA/YouTube ranking guide priced at $9.94 and goes live on Feb 27th at 11AM EST. While the PDF is ok, what I really like is the first OTO. The Front end of CPA Factory, which I review in…

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Simple Sales Copy Review

Episode 51 – Simple Sales Copy Review

Simple Sales Copy Review -Getting Started Writing Top-Notch Copy Simple Sales Copy is a 67 page PDF by Tobias Aaron Ockermuller. He has a wealth of offline experience and is now brining his A game online. And he likes a beer so is totally cool by me. Simple Sales Copy goes live at 10AM EST…

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Screencast Pro Review

Episode 50 Screencast Pro Review

Screencast Pro Review If there’s one video marketer I completely respect, then it is Joey Xoto. The man is a class act and knows his stuff. A quick look at Screencast pro shows once agina that this man produces quality. This is a Camtasia training for PC and MAC and will turn you into a…

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