Link Indexr Review

Episode 16 – Link Indexr Review – Are Your Backlinks Worthless?

Link Indexr Review  – Why You May Be Wasting Your Time Building Links   When it comes to SEO, backlinks are worthless if Google doesn’t know about them. Link Indexr allows your subscribers to index up to 1,000 links PER DAY! That’s over 30,000 links a month! The more links that get indexed the faster…

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CPA Income Boss Review

Episode 15 – CPA Income Boss Review

 CPA Income Boss Review – Generate Dirt Cheap Traffic and Huge ROIs (Allegedly)   CPA Income Boss is a PDF report style product released by Jason Finley and Sam Mann. Inside this report, they lay out how they get huge ROIs using one particular traffic source to promote CPA Offers. While it’d be unfair of…

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HyperSonic Commissions Review

Episode 14 – HyperSonic Commissions Review – Top Quality CPA Training

HyperSonic Commissions Review   HyperSonic Commissions is a CPA training membership platform released on Dec 2nd. It was originally released as a WSO a few months ago, and I was a customer. Now, it’s being re-released to a larger audience on JVZoo and I got a review copy. I love this program and if you…

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Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 Review

Episode 13 – Emergency Christmas Cash 2 0 Review ** Make Simple YouTube Commissions ***

Emergency Christmas Cash 2 0 Review ** Make Simple YouTube Commissions **   Emergency Christmas Cash 2.0 is a product jointly released by Kristie Chiles and Simple Spencer. It is a product, aimed at the beginner YouTube marketer that in short, shows people how to make simple commissions by promoting offers on Warrior Plus and…

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Episode 12 – Creating Psychological Calls to Action On Your Videos

Episode 12 – Creating Psychological Calls to Action On Your Videos – Tube Dominus Review   A few weeks ago, an Italian lady, Jany, appeared in a Mastermind I am in. She showed me her new product, which is called Tube Dominus. After reading through the report (48 pages long), I decided it was worthy…

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Episode 11 – The Goofball’s Guide to Email Marketing Reloaded Review

The Goofball’s Guide to Email Marketing Reloaded Review   ABOUT THE PRODUCT: * 8 Modules Presented in BOTH Video and PDF Show HOW TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS FROM YOUR LIST * High Converting Traffic & HOW TO INCREASE LEADS FROM SQUEEZE PAGES * MULTIPLE PROMOTION METHODS Plus Crafting Killer Hybrid & Story Style Emails * An Over The Shoulder Look…

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Episode 10 – Push Send Profits 2.0 Review

How James Writes Killer Emails that bring in money at will – Push Send Profits 2.0 Review   Push Send Profits 2.0 goes live November 23 @ 9 AM (Eastern time)   The ability to write good copy cannot be underestimated. Trouble is, it’s a skill that takes time and effort to hone. Most folks never…

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Affiliate Power Broker review

Episode 9 – Affiliate Power Broker Review

Episode 9 – How to Build a Targeted List the Right Way – Affiliate Power Broker Review   Fellow Brit in Japan Luke Blower has just released Affiliate Power Broker. Inside he teaches how to build a highly targeted list in the MMO niche. If, like me, you are tired of crappy Solo Ads then…

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Episode 8 – The Launch Bible Review

The Launch Bible Review – How Alex Jeffreys went from zero to a Super Success   Alex Jeffreys is one  of the top Internet marketers around. Responsible for a ton of success stories. His new offer, the Launch Bible is the product that I am going to review here. Here is my Launch Bible Review…

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P1 Video Magnet Review

Episode 7 – P1 Video Magnet Review (wow)

 P1 Video Magnet Review- Highly Recommended P1 Video Magnet Package is advertised as the most powerful Video Marketing System On WordPress. It not only explores all the latest SEO, FB, YouTube and online business strategies and methods, but it also makes a website look stunning.     So what exactly does it include? Here is a list…

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