Affilio Traffic Review

Episode 77 – Affilio Traffic Roadmap Review

Affilio Traffic Roadmap Review – All the Traffic you Can Handle. Free and Paid! Goes live at 2am EST June 7th Affilio Traffic Roadmap is a new in depth product co-created by Pedro Lopes and yours truly. There is so much detail throughout the product, that it could be dangerous to your health. We have…

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Episode 76 – Rocket Video Ranker 4 Review

Rocket Video Ranker 4 Review- With Adobe Air Software A long time ago, I bought a product called Rocket Video Ranker and it kick started by journey into YouTube marketing and video ranking. Over the years, it has evolved and now we are at version 4. I have got a review and been inside and…

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Profit Penguin Review

Episode 75 – Profit Penguin Review

Profit Penguin Review  -The Best Web Based Arbitrage Software? Click Here Now to Watch a FREE webinar on how this oft ware can help you. Goes live June 1st 2015 (webinar live now) Profit Penguin is a brand new Web based Software (works on MAC and PC) that allows you to find jobs that people…

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Episode 74 – Video Turbo Store Review

Video Turbo Store Review – A New Era in Video Marketing? LIVE NOW! Episode 74 brings about a higher quality offer and marks a transition in this site from $4 PDF to a higher level product in general. Video Turbo Store is by Peter Beattie. Peter is well-known in the video marketing niche and has…

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Ultimate Tube Profits Review

Episode 73 Ultimate Tube Profits Review

Ultimate Tube Profits Review Goes live May 15th 2AM EST Ultimate Tube Profits, by Chris Cole is another YouTube product that promises to make yo menu by utilizing the power of video. To be honest, there are  a lot of Youtube offers out there, but most are just re-hashed versions of what we already know.…

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Untapped Traffic Giant Review

Episode 72 – Untapped Traffic Giant Review

Untapped Traffic Giant Review Goes live May 15th  1 AM EST Pinterest! That is what the Untapped Traffic giant is all about. So something refreshing for us all. Pinterest has been a big player for a while and with Pinterest Ads soon to be rolled out, arming yourself with a  business account (free and easy)…

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Ultimate Traffic Monster 2 Review

Episode 70 – Ultimate Traffic Monster 2 Review

Ultimate Traffic Monster 2 Review One truth of online marketing is that you cannot scale FREE. So at some point, you are going to have to venture into the world of paid advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the simplest and fastest way to do this. The best way is to get a mentor who…

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Commission Juggernaut

Episode 69 – Commission Juggernaut Review

Commission Juggernaut Review – How we Turned $15 into $1,440.70…And Then Duplicated The Entire Process Live April 25th at 9AM EST Commission Juggernaut is a co-release between James Canzanella and myself. Inside the members area, James and I cover how we are making simple little videos that rake in commissions on Click bank. We are doing…

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FB Ad Basics Review

Episode 68 – FB Ad Basics Review

 FB Ad Basics Review – Another Facebook Course? Goes live April 23rd at 11AM EST What’s this? A Facebook course on Beers With Adam? I know my main thing is YouTube or CPA, but I do some Facebook marketing too. And if I am honest, it can be lucrative. Very lucrative. Time and probably a…

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Mob CPA Suite Review

Episode 67 – Mob CPA Suite Review

Mob CPA Suite Review – Any Good? Typical! You wait a while for a good CPA product to one along, and then 2 come along at once. Mob CPA Suite is hot on the heels of CPA Giveaway Frenzy. It’s all delivered inside a members site and is. in short a plugin that creates mobile responsive pages…

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