Episode 49 – Hangout Cash Evolution review Plus Scarily Insane Bonus

Hangout Cash Evolution review – CPA and Google Hangouts Combined   Hangout Cash Evolution is released on Feb 22nd and is a Google Hangout training by Chris Cole. Google Hangouts rank well and learning how to make them and optimize them is a skill you need to have if video is part of your game.…

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Episode 46 – Bull Tube Review

Bull Tube Review – A Great Guide to In Stream Video Ads and Making Moolah!   Bull Tube is cool. It came across my desk recently and I was pleasantly surprised. Like all good offers, its is somewhat different to what is out there right now and you could do some serious damage if you…

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Clever YouTube Profits

Episode 45 Clever YouTube Profits Review

Clever YouTube Profits Review Clever YouTube profits is a new product released on Feb 11TH at 10AM EST by my Irish mate, Declan Mc. I first came into contact with Dec after he bought one of my Facebook products and as it turned out, he was none to shabby at the ol FB either. One…

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Episode 44 – Hands Free Hangout Profits Review

Hands Free Hangout Profits Review Hands Free Hangout Profits is a beginners guide to getting started with Google Hangouts and also how to make money with them by reviewing offers. It goes live on Feb 10th at 12 Noon for $7 (PDF) The OTO is a $47 video training series. Michelle Stevens, the author has…

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Elite Video Evolution Review

Episode 43 – Elite Video Evolution Review

Elite Video Evolution Review Elite Video Evolution is a video training platform released on feb 9th at 11AM EST. Inside the members area, you get access to a whole host  of training and my review video below shows this. There are 2 up sells. OTO 1>> $17 is a traffic course OTO 2>> $47 and…

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Episode 42 – Blog network Secret Sauce Review

Blog network Secret Sauce Review – Interview with Stace Ace   Blog Network Secret sauce is an SEO training that allows you to literally control your rankings. I Interviewed Stacy Flick or Stace Ace as he is known on how he uses PBNs ( Private Blog Networks) to control Google. The Interview was on Skype…

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Episode 41 IG – CPA Profits Review

IG – CPA Profits Review IG- CPA Profits is a stellar Instagram training. Rather than go over the product here, let my video review tell you all about it. I cover the funnel in the video too 🙂 IG- CPA Profits Review Video       CPA Cash Secrets (Valued at $67) The Secret CPA…

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Total Tube Traffic Review

Episode 40 Total Tube Traffic Review

Total Tube Traffic Review Total Tube Traffic is a new video SEO training that shows you what is working now in 2015. It goes live on Feb 6th at 11AM EST and this is really packed with value. Inside, Chris Cole interviews SEO guru Stace Ace and together they accumulate their knowledge and show you…

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CPA Cashflow 2 Review

Episode 38 – CPA Cashflow 2 Review

CPA Cashflow 2 Review – Leveraging Stumble Upon to Rake in CPA Commissions CPA Cashflow 2, released at 2AM EST is a new product by Luke Blower and teaches you how to use a well-known, yet little used traffic source to rake in CPA commissions. Stumble Upon! To be fair, I have basically never used…

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Episode 37 – The magic Email review

The magic Email review The magic Email is a product by Nathan Zadworny. It is about….EMail. How did you guess? Email is really the holy grail of making money online. We can all make affiliate commissions, but if you can not only build a list, but nurture it, segment it and have a relationship with…

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