Pinterest Video Marketing for Beginners

Last updated on October 16, 2020

Pinterest video marketing
If you are looking to make a success of video, 
then Pinterest might not have entered your head.

But it should.

Pinterest is a great place for video.

Video is more readily associated with other platforms.

But Pinterest is a viable alternative.

Pinterest video marketing overview

Pinning a video from YouTube is easy.

YouTube has a ‘Share’ option on all videos.

But I do not recommend this option as you are taking a video made for YouTube, and sharing it on another platform.

Pinterest Video Marketing

Pinterest works best with (Square) or (Vertical) videos.

There are many video creation tools that will enable you to make square videos.

Uploading Videos to Pinterest

As you upload, there are boxes to complete.

Now each video you upload is called a ‘pin’ by Pinterest.

And you edit this pin by adding information.


Tempting as it is to just upload and walk away, this isn’t the solution.

Also remember that Pinterest is a search engine so SEO will be important too.

So use keywords in the title and description.

A Well optimized Pinterest Video

Pinterest Video Marketing for Beginners

Now while the description is important, it doesn’t hide a poor-quality video.

So here are some of the most important things to consider on that score…

The Video Itself

The beginning is vital.

People click off videos early on.

If it doesn’t capture the attention, it’s gone.

So start off strong.

Capture the attention. 

If you’d like to learn how to fit Pinterest in to your video marketing system using a little known yet very powerful method then hit the image below (click, don’t actually punch my face on the screen)

Pinterest Video

So, I hope you enjoyed this beginners introduction.

Of course, you can get much more granular and venture into specific kinds of video pins and actual paid video ads.

But for now, this should be enough to get going.


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