Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Episode 184 – Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

Episode 184 – Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review
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Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review

November 26th, 2016 @ 10am US EST

Rapid Traffic Masterclass is a new product by Stefan Ciancio. In short, it is making niche sites and driving traffic to them via a specific Pinterest method. Then monetizing them with Adsense. Well put together and while Pinterest is not new, I really liked the Pinterest method Stefan uses.

Also, it’s a  fact that Stefan is doing this, and he is making it work. He has made some little niche sites, and been using Pinterest to drive traffic.

That said, he bounce rate is high, and the average view time is low. Probably due to the fact he has outsourced his content and that it is not engaging readers. If you put more effort into better content, not only will these numbers improve, but you have a much better chance to rank higher too.

BUT… He is making money with Adsense and using his Pinterest method (free) to do this so fair play to him. And that is all that counts really.

It is a simple process and if you have a niche site already, then follow his Pinterest method ( maybe 30 min a day) and after some consistency, you will be able to see some daily profits. You can do his method by paying for a software or FREE. I am testing his free method out now on a completely new site.

Just make sure your niche is something that has a large female audience. Most (not all of course) of Pinterest’s readership is female.

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Review Video

Despite the concerns I made in the video, I think once you have your site ready, this is a pretty cool and easy traffic method. You will need to be consistent in your efforts though and have patience to see any success.

Also, to speed it up, Neil Moran and I have made the BEST bonus around for this product bar none. No-one else is offering the combo of traffic, SEO and CPA monetization that we are.

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Funnel

Rapid Traffic Masterclass ( $14.95-$17) FE is a combination of:

1) A case study showing exactly how Stefan got 60,000 visitors to his websites using free traffic (Pinterest)

2) Video training showing how your subscribers can set this up.

OTO1: $37 Case studies of visitors being obtained with the method, additional monetization tactics and additional niches.

OTO2: $47 Done For You Deal

Both the OTOS have lite packages as downsells.

TIP: Get the F/E and ‘maybe’ OTO 1. DFY are rarely worth it. Others will recommend it as the JV competition is based on overall sales. Just a little FYI.

Rapid Traffic Masterclass Pricing Structure

Opens Nov. 26th at 10am EST:
$14.95 early bird for the first 8 hours
25 cent price increase every 6 hours

All bonuses delivered inside of JVzoo.


+ Well-put together

+ Newbie friendly

+ Works


+ Unclear proof on sales page vs JV page

+ More monetization modules would have improved it


Rapid Traffic Masterclass

Neil Moran and Adam Payne’s UNIQUE bonsues. Cannot get this package elsewhere and it is all made by US. We hate PLR rubbish and old-skool plugins…





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