Social Lead Sniper Review

Episode 133 – Social Lead Sniper Review

Episode 133 – Social Lead Sniper Review
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Social Lead Sniper Review

Goes Live Feb 20TH at 11AM EST

As you know, I’m not a fan of cheap products for a few reasons. They are cheap usually when the seller lacks confidence OR they are a serial product creator. Not good either way.

But I like this one called Social Lead Sniper and let me explain.

The guy behind it, Mike Appleton is a good egg and I gave him some tips a while back when he was thinking of launching a product. To his credit, he did not launch something at that time just to make a quick buck.

So he went to work and came up with a technique to get 100 plus leads daily. He has been posting proof on his FB profile recently and has been consistent.

He has made it into a product called Social Lead Sniper and this is my review:

Social Lead Sniper Review Video

So there you have it. Social Lead Sniper involves using Twitter and Instagram. I like ho simple this method is and while it will not happen overnight, Michael has proved that it works if you give it 20 mins to 30 mins a day for a few weeks or so. You don’t even need 100 leads a day. I would aim for 30. More is a bonus of course, but 30 will suffice if you have the right Emails in place


Super Easy and very cheap

No techie skills needed


Not overnight. Will take time. Not sure how long Michael has been doing it to get 100 leads a day.

Social Lead Sniper Funnel

OTO 1: $27 This will help your customers get even faster+easier results. (bonus included)

OTO 2: $197 One on one coaching for 60 days to help guarantee success with this method.


Social Lead Sniper Review

1. Training on a  secret tool that I used to super explode the method (not mentioned in the training).  You can use this tool to grow your Twitter account with targeted followers on auto pilot while you sleep.

I met the owner of this in Tokyo at the summit I spoke at and he’s one smart guy! (disclaimer,, this is a service and as such, it does require  small monthly fee – under $10)

2. My Email Marketing Mania Course that will help you with conversions once you begin getting people on your list.


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