Episode 104 – Social Traffic Alchemy Review

Last updated on October 11, 2015

Social Traffic Alchemy Review

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I don’t release a lot of products, but I am 100% certain this will be the biggest one so far. It’s definitely the best.

This technique is super simple, requires zero techie skills and no website. Sound too good to be true? Then watch the video and see how I’m building massive lists for pennies and then monetizing the traffic in a variety of ways.

If you want the Social Traffic Alchemy for FREE, then leave a comment and I’ll do a prize draw just before launch. You Must comment to qualify to be one of FIVE winners.

Social Traffic Alchemy Review Video

Click here at 11AM EST on Oct 11TH to grab this course at its cheapest Price

Social Traffic Alchemy Sales Funnel:

Front End $17 PDF only or $27 PDF and 17 module video course

$67 Done For You. Over the shoulder case studies plus 10 done for you niches, videos and graphics for your FB pages

$97 4-week live coaching with Adam, Greg and Steve.

Results Like this are common with Social Traffic Alchemy

Social Traffic Alchemy


So, if you’d like to get these results then you need to grab this, period. You can do that by clicking on the flash red button. All will be delivered inside of JVZOO.


Social Traffic Alhemy Review

  1. Access to me. If you want to hop on Skype for 15 minutes, then you need to buy via my link.

  2. A case study no-where else in the product. How I used this method to help me make over $1,200 in one affiliate promotion.

  3. Video Cheat Sheet. Guide to all the tools I use in my YouTube Marketing

  4. Social Traffic Exposure. This will provide you with a guide to building niche sites and touches on the method of Video Ads too.

  5. Social Traffic Exposure review

OTO 1 BUYERS ONLY (MESSAGE ME FOR THIS). A  Case Study on how I am using this FB Video Ads method to get views on my YouTube Channel and to my videos. Never need to buy views again!


Winners Announced:



Congrats to:


Honza Krejci

Eunice Park

Michael Friedel

Sandy Espinoza

Anil Rajkumar

Al of you win a 100% FREE copy of Social Traffic Alchemy. Please message me your preferred Email so I can have you set up with an account. Should you want both or either of the OTOs, let me know too and I’ll get you a link so you don’t need to go through the funnel.

For everyone else, thanks for taking the time to comment and commiserations. It’s an amazing product and you’ll really like it. Thanks again.

17 thoughts on “Episode 104 – Social Traffic Alchemy Review”

  1. because I see you buy other’s products and give honest reviews going through them , its clear you walk the talk.. so I appreciate your up right methods to the marketing madness .. 😉 looking forward to you’re own launch … cheers and beers

    • Thanks Rheed. Yep, I’ll never recommend anything I myself have not gone through. It seems unethical to do otherwise. Cheers and Beers 🙂

  2. So if you got the done for you its 47, or it that an upsell? Want to be sure of the total cost. No squeeze page needed? Do you need to post again on any of the fan pages? Or just the once. You are paying for fb traffic, i gather?
    Are any of the done for you instant payments?

    • Hi Sue. We just decided to change the price from $47 to $67 as we are adding a bunch more stuff. More graphics, and some targeting done for you too.

      You do not need a squeeze page. You don;t ned to post again on the fan pages althoughI would just keep an eye open for replies/comments. Conversely, you can add as much content and post lots if you so wish.

      You will need to pay for traffic but no more than $5 per day. and it’s as targeted as it can be.

      Can you clarify what you mean by instant payments?

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Adam:

    After reading your email about how you managed to build a list of 800,000 in the golf niche, I was pumped. Actually, I was a bit stunned. Why? Because I am in the process of writing a book in the golf niche and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the exposure I need. This is freakin’ perfect. I can’t wait for the launch.

    I’d like to mirror a couple of the comments made by others. Thank you for being so forthright about your product and OTOs. It’s laughable how so many serial product creators say they have our best interests at heart then attempt to sell every piece of junk that comes down the pipe.



    • Hi Mark,

      That is great about your book. My friend in the UK is a PGA licensed golf instructor and I’ve een helping him from scratch.

      I’m no golfer but building this list this way was so easy (and the 800,000 cost less than $70 in total).

      If you have a golf fan page and want some tips on how to grow it, let me know 🙂



  4. Hey Adam
    I have to thank you for your UTube trainings, I have implemented your strategies and starting to see increased views and comments on my videos. I know this course will be a huge success with the three of you joining forces.


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