Episode 301 – Social video Adz Review

Last updated on December 21, 2019

Social video Adz Review

Video ads on Social media are very effective. 

This is why so much training and software revolves around them.

But still, many struggle.

Social Video Adz by Ryan Phillips and Jamie Ohler is a training that tries to change all that.

It’s not perfect, but it’s very good IMO.

The training is a series of webinars that they released to their own audience a few months ago for 3 figures and is now on sale for under $40.

They cover these topics:

  • Facebook Video Adz
  • Frank Kern Social Facebook Ads Training (By Frank’s media buyer)
  • YouTube Video Adz
  • Linkedin Video Adz
  • Facebook Adz For Local Offline Client Work

All the videos are long and over the shoulder.

The longest is 3 hours so there is a lot of content.

Instagram is not covered much despite it being prominent on the sales page.

Social video Adz Review video

So now let’s see what is in the funnel.

Social video Adz Funnel


Social video Adz Summary

For the price, you get a lot of high quality training by people in the trenches doing it in real life.


+ Well delivered

+ Detailed

+ Good price



  • Tracking is skimmed over
  • First few mins of the videos are just webby style intros.
  • Instagram not covered much

All that aside, I liked it very much.

And I learnt stuff and will apply some new strategies.


PS…If you liked this Social video Adz review, you can grab it via the green button below. BUT, to get the bonuses you’ll need to clear cookies.


Unique Bonuses:

1.  YouTube Ad Spy Scripts

I have researched some Successful YouTube Ads that are unlisted on YouTube so not easy to locate.

I have then had them transcribed you can see how these ads are scripted and re-word them for your own paid campaigns without having to come up with a script from scratch.


SocialVideo Adz Review

2.  Viral Ads Sniper

This is my own adobe air software (Mac/PC ok).

The Viral Ads Sniper software that instantly finds successful posts in so you can reverse engineer and have a competitive edge in your niche.

It can search forums, Pinterest and Facebook over a 6 month period. Perfect for E-com research.

3. Facebook video Ad Clickbank Compliance Rolodex

This was created for the purpose of running traffic to Clickbank offers on Facebook. 

Only certain offers/landing pages are complaint and this is a list of those that would take you a few days to research by yourself.

4. My VMI Guide to Local marketing (with video script for local)

A 12-page guide on pricing, what you can offer prospective clients, what upsells you can offer, niches to get into and more.

I wrote this so it’s a totally unique bonus.

There is a script inside too you can use for videos.

Just change up on a needs basis.


Generic Bonuses offered by all:

Social video Adz Review


Social video Adz Review


Social video Adz Review

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