Episode 303 – Socom Profits Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Socom Profits Review


Facebook groups can highly profitable if done right.

Crafting a community of as many like minded individuals and then recommending affiliate offers or selling physical products that they could want is 

Socom Profits is anew training by David Fearon who is a full time online marketer specialising in monetizing Facebook groups.

I run several Facebook groups and while they aren’t as big as David’s, I can attest to their value.

They help you connect with folk, help people, offer value and of course make money.

Setting one sounds simple . but there are so many features, things you might be missing as well as the fact that you need to do proper research first,

Then you have to learn how to drive traffic to it, manage it, deal with problem members etc.

Oh, and then you actually have to monetize it.

I wish it were as simple as posting a link but it’s not.

Which is where David and Socom profits comes in.

Let’s have a look inside the member’s area which is huge to say the least.

Enjoy the video:

Socom Profits Review Video

Socom Profits Funnel

This image was taken directly from the JV page.

Socom Profits Review

Each of the above has a downsell too. 

The funnel above is way too big for me.

I’m just being honest here.

But I do know the main course is excellent and that David is very successful with Facebook groups.

David is also a nice guy and someone I trust.

So my review is based on the Front end offer, not the maze of a funnel.

Socom Profits Summary


  • Good quality training by someone actually doing it full time. Tons of value
  • Anyone with a bit of hustle can do this
  • Lots of training
  • Cheap (underpriced for sure)


  • Funnel is ridiculously long.

And how is it different to David’d previous Facebook groups course?

​It’s on the same topic but it’s fully reworked and fully updated.

​The premise is basically the same, however another year of experience, another year of updates, keeping content pinging has changed completely, so there’s quite a bit to take in from last time around.

PS…If you have any questions about this socom profits review, please let me know below.

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