Stealth Auto Play Review

Episode 243 – Stealth Auto Play Review

Stealth Auto Play Review

Google Chrome recently made changes to the way it will display auto-play videos on your site, sales page, or squeeze page which can lower your conversions. If this affects you then you may want to check out Stealth Auto Player.

It is pretty self-explanatory what it does so the video below, and this post in general is going to be short and sweet.

And no, I do not want the below video to autoplay in this case in case you are wondering 🙂

Stealth Auto Play Review Video


NOTE: On desktop on Chrome the videos will autoplay perfectly. On Mobile, the animations ( as shown in the above video) will show. 



$9.00 Single Site License
$9.97 Unlimited Site License
4 Built-In Animations
8 Built-In Buttons


$17.00 Dimseale
Developer License
5 Additional Built-In Animations
5 Additional Built-In Buttons


You may or may not need the OTO, but the for the front end spend the extra dollar and get unlimited. That only makes sense.

That’s a wrap for this very short. Any questions please leave them below and if you want it, clear ya cookies and click the big bad red button below. Cheers!

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