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Episode 153 – StealthTube Review

Episode 153 – StealthTube Review
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StealthTube Review

Goes live June 9th @ 11 AM EST

StealthTube is hands down one of the best products I have reviewed in a long time. Mark Marcelletti, the creator has his own agency in LA California and knows his stuff.

StealthTube is a plugin but is really much more than that. It allows viewers to interact as if they were having a real conversation with the person on the video.

In short, someone comes to your video (or someone else’s video) and at a pre-determined point, buttons appear (that you create) which are answers to a question you have just asked.

eg… On the video you ask ‘Are you male or female’ and the 2 options appear.

The viewer clicks and is then taken to another video which either speaks to men or to women.

This can continue for as long as you want allowing you to tailor your message to the right person.

Real life conversations are back and forth. Videos are one person peaking. StealthTube bridges the gap.

So What Is StealthTube in More Detail?

According to the creators, StealthTube allows you to create Video Sales Letters, Video Surveys, Membership Sites, and Webinar Replays that use the power of video sales letter surveys to tailor their videos to each viewer’s interests and dramatically boost leads and sales…

  • WITHOUT paying for video hosting
  • WITHOUT the frustration of using complicated video marketing tools

StealthTube allows viewers to INTUITIVELY interact with your video.

Imagine having a sales presentation that adapts itself to each viewer or if you could match the right features, benefits, and pricing to each viewer’s unique needs.

You can literally take HUGE broad audiences and segment them into TIGHT and TARGETED audiences.

How much higher would your conversion rate be if you could do that?

StealthTube Interview With Mark Marcelletti

StealthTube Review Video

StealthTube Demo

StealthTube Sales Funnel

Front End: $27-$37 The Plugin for unlimited sites plus the training on how to use it. Basic or Premium

OTO 1: $67 Video Sales Letter course. Video training on the WHOLE VSL creation process. a 140 + page VSL template that you can use yourself and edit. Mark has put so much into this.   << Best Value

OTO 1 Downsell: $37 Course Templates only

OTO 2: $97 – The YouTube Funnel Course. Lots of content. 5 modules. YouTube optimization, 4 types of YT ads, YT analytics, video creation process, 5 steps to monetization

OTO 2 Downsell: $27-$47 Course Videos only ( OTO 1 or OTO 2)

StealthTube Summary:

PROS: Allows your viewers to actually be able to interact with the videos and thus make the funnel path more congruent to each different prospect. This should, in theory, see a much higher conversion rate.

CONS: Hard to find a fault and I do not want to just for the sake of it. The buttons could be more flexible and I have yet to se if it works on Vimeo or other players. I guess the set up of the funnel will take time BUT that’s more a must than a con really.

Bonuses are highlighted below but I do not want to add too many or they will overwhelm you. There is more than enough stuff inside the course.

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