Episode 283 – Taking Action Online Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Taking Action Online Review

Goes Live April 8th @ 11AM EST

Overwhelm and confusion is the bane of all marketers at some point.

I know when got started it seemed like there was so much to learn.

Couple that with a job and family I never seemed to have enough time to move forward.

For me at least, my struggles then were often technical.

So I joined a membership by a guy Called Chris Farrell and things began to make sense.

Fast forward to now and I’m a full-time marketer but I see so many people who are in the early stages and getting so confused or who have been trying this game for ages.

Now, this coupled with a never ending influx of crappy IM offers, gimmicks and the like and it’s no wonder so many people cannot move forward

This all leads to anger and procrastination.

I’ve constantly told people to shut off the noise and get good at one thing and as you know, for me I chose video.

It was through video that I met the guy who made a product called Taking Action Online which is what this post is all about.

Taking Action Online Review

Meet Phillip

A few months ago I released a product called YouTube Channel Mastery and a guy called Phillip Borrowman picked it up.

He said he liked it and has since become part of the VMI community.

Phillip is an ex-baker who like many, struggled a lot at first.

After wasting lots of money on crappy products he knuckled down and built a following and a successful online business as an affiliate and through training others.

He has his own membership that you can see here but decided to partner with JayKay Dowdall to launch it for a ONE OFF payment

It is called Taking action online and this is a Taking action online review.

What is it exactly?

Taking action online is a 20-Step Action Plan to move away from “Shiny Objects” and misleading sales pages with down to earth and practical training.

So let’s go and have a look inside the member’s area of what is a very good product.

Taking Action Online Review Video

As you can see, Taking action online covers pretty much everything from a beginner level through to Intermediate level.

It leaves no stone unturned.

Taking Action Online Review of the Funnel

Taking Action Online Review

**OTO 1 Downsell – There is a downsell on OTO#1 offering a $1 trial for 7 days

**OTO 3 Downsell – There is a downsell on OTO#3 offering half the case studies for $97

All of the upgrades have value in theory and I am always a fan of traffic and case studies (see last two upgrades).

The first upgrade is monthly so you’ll need to decide on that one.

Taking Action Online Summary

Overall, a well thought out & thorough program for beginners.


  • Very well laid out
  • One time fee. Super cheap for what you get during the launch period.
  • Phillip is open and honest and not one of the IM circle jerk crew. He hates them as much as me.
  • Well structured content that if you apply actually works.



  • Tons of material. Will take a long time to go through it all. over 30hrs+  hours of training. This is not really a negative but it could cause some folk to panic.
  • Not for Advanced marketers. Again, not a bad point really but something to consider.


PS… I hope you liked this review and if you have any questions, please ask them below.

PPS.. The bonuses are below and you can get them by clearing cookies then buying via the red button. All are unique bonuses.


Playboost Review

Taking Action Online Bonuses:

1. Twitter Video Mastery Course (currently sells for more than Taking Action Online).

Modules Inside: 

  • Perfect Profile Set up 
  • Prospect Mining
  • Twitter video creation without appearing on camera
  • Uploading natively and using video cards
  • Over the shoulder Video ad set up
  • Walk on the wild side – Use at your own risk – But Can Help explode your profile

2. Niche Research Mastery

A set of over the shoulder videos on how to correctly choose and validate a new niche.

3. Clickbank Rolodex

A list of FB compliant ClickBank products that you can promote.

It took my VA several days to compile these.

5 thoughts on “Episode 283 – Taking Action Online Review”

  1. Hello Adam, I’m very much looking forward to getting hold of TAO, but I have some questions:
    1: There are 3 oto’s attached to this training course purchase and I’m not a fan of monthly fee’s, as oto1 indicates… to your knowledge is oto1 necessary? Won’t we be getting ongoing updates to this training anyway, as part of the initial buy?
    2: On face value, spending $67 on oto2 looks like a more worthwhile option, but are you able to give me your views on this option please, so I can make a more informed decision – Regards Graeme

    • Hi Graeme,

      OTOs can be quite hard to review as I have not seen them in their entirety but I could see some of OTO 2 and OTO 3 and I think they are very good if
      your budget allows. As for OTO 1, I cannot say as this is based purely on trust. I do know both vendors are good guys and deliver quality so you could try it for a month or 2 and quit if is not what you had hoped. I do presume you’ll get ongoing updates BUT not of the value of OTO 1.



      • Hello Adam,

        Well my budget doesn’t cater for monthly fees so unless it is something exceptional I’m not interested… now I know you said try it for a few months to see how it goes, but for one I have wasted enough money on prior monthly fees and I’m not wasting any more money doing a trial, plus pardon my forthrightness here, but I would have expected you to know what oto1 and for that matter all the other oto’s were all about as you are promoting this training course. Graeme

        • Hi Graeme. Fair enough about the monthly and sorry you have been burned before but to me it ‘should’ mean you are getting something the creators are updating. As for me knowing about the OTOs, as I said in the review video is new stuff that is not there yet so it’s impossible for me to see the future and I am basing it on the reputation of the guys involved. I also said in the video that OTO 3 looked partially very good but when I reviewed the product it was not all added as there was so much material. I like to review products early to avoid a last minute rush. Cheers.

  2. Hi Adam, Thank you for your response and now I know why you didn’t review those oto’s, as they weren’t all complete… my apologies, I just assumed when JayKay and Phillip or anyone else launch a product that when they allow a colleague to review it, then everything is there to be reviewed – not 75% of it. Anyway, I shall make a decision – Thanks again, regards Graeme


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