Episode 102 The Affiliate Oracle Review

Last updated on March 13, 2020

The Affiliate Oracle Review

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I had not planned on adding my own offer to this site as I had just told a segment of my list about it but this past week has been somewhat depressing with all the awful offers I have reviewed. From the buggy, to the regurgitated to the outright deceptive.

So what the heck, here is one of my new products called the Affiliate Oracle. It’s a 12 module video course on how to do affiliate marketing the right and ethical way. for the details, please watch:

The Affiliate Oracle Review Video

Click Here to Join the Affiliate Oracle

There are no upsells, downsells or any other products on sale here. Just this one site for $9.95. That is it.

Inside I do show you how I use some tools. They are not my tools but I do provide discounts inside. Again, you don;t need to use them, but I do, and I use them in the training in a few modules.

The Affiliate Oracle review


I hope you enjoyed the Affiliate Oracle review and I’m sure you’ll love it. Please leave any questions in the comments below.


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