Episode 223 – The Conversion Point Review

Last updated on October 2, 2017

The Conversion Point Review

Goes Live at Oct 2nd 11AM – Click here 

What is The Conversion Point? Well, in short, it is a full training on conversions. AKA, how to actually make money from your promotions.

Back When I got started, I built a list of approx 1000 people on my list from solo ads. I was not that good with email at the time and not really sure how to write, how often to write and how to ask for the sale.

When I tried to promote an offer from Warrior Plus, I made ONE $7 sale and I emailed my entire list 3 times about it!

There were a few problems.

a) My list had been built the wrong way

b) I had no idea how to convert the subscribers I had.

So the first thing I did was to delete my whole list and start again.

I then focussed on building my list one of the right ways (there’s more than one way). I chose YouTube because I was getting good at ranking videos and decided that I would provide my lead magnets via annotations and links in the description.

Leads began coming in. Not a ton, but some. And this time I started to build trust.

I asked questions and replied to them via email. I did not join in selling everything.

While I was still a work in progress, I treated people how I would want to be treated.

As a person, not a number.

I was not bothered and am still not really with open rates and click through rates.

I care about conversions and you get them by becoming the fiduciary of your list. Ever since, that has been what I have done. I have bought copy courses, email courses and over time my results have improve.

Now, I can run a five figure affilaite promotion and usually get the best conversion rate of the top affiliates.

You do not need a big list. My list is not huge. Yet I can still get results like this’

These are some examples. You can see more on the sales page.

The Conversion Point Review Video

The Conversion Point Review Funnel

The main product is inside a Clickfunnels membership site. There are videos and some PDFs that accompany some of them where appropriate..

The cost will be $97. I will have a coupon code for group members so watch out for it.

There is ONE OTO that is a list building course although it is really a downsell at $47.

In the OTO, I cover:

Facebook Ads –  This is my actual FB course that is on sales alone for $47

YouTube SEO

YouTube Ads (both kinds)

Solo Ads

Twitter organic


For many reading this page, you will be used to cheap products. I get that. But if the thought of spending $97 to learn how to make much more on a regular basis scare you, then I suggest you come back later.

I will also not be doing a big launch for this one. so, you will only hear about the conversion point via me or a select few JVs.

PS… If you have any questions regarding The conversion Point, let me know below.

PPS… To get a discount during the 3 day launch, copy and paste this code into the checkout: 40-0ff-now
There are 100 coupons available so first come first served.


The Conversion Point Review

3 thoughts on “Episode 223 – The Conversion Point Review”

  1. Hey Adam, I definitely like your approach … sounds a lot different to the many others out there. Is your training taught with coming up with compelling stories etc?

    • Hi Kevin,

      I do touch on it but much of that will depend on your own life experiences. The more you have, the more you should be able to come up with some. In the FB group, you can bring the topic up and we can expand on it more. If you grab it that is 🙂

  2. The reason I ask is because I’ve bought other email marketing courses so I’m assuming that story telling is the norm? Your Conversion rate is out of this world! Just wanted to know what I should expect, I will purchase it but just hesitant because I got no where with the other courses


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