Episode 239 – Top Hat Challenge Review

Last updated on April 13, 2018

Top Hat Challenge Review

Top Hat Challenge Review: You will probably not hear about the Top Hat Challenge from anyone else. And there are a few reasons about that:

+ This is not a huge launch

+ There is no JV competition, no upsells.

+ The guy behind it has his own super successful E-com store and coaching Business. He does not make products, and he almost never promotes other’s stuff.

So, no need for the usual IM crowd to tell you about it. Nothing in it for them. But I will tell you because it is excellent.

In fact, he is THE ONLY guy I would recommend to people wanting to learn E-commerce with out the flashy BS that abounds in the marketplace.

The course is by a guy called Chris Blair who I have known personally since 2012/3 when I first got started online. He was the first ever guy I followed, met in person and learnt from.

I saw him venture into FB ads and go on to become buddies with the top E-com guys like Don Wilson, Ben Adkins and many more.

He now has an ultra successful E-com store in the beer niche and shares his results openly with his crew. His beer niche has sold over 40,000+ hats, caps, t-shirts, mugs, cups & more. He has also sold over 100,000+ drop-shipped necklaces, bracelets, jackets, bags via Shopify & print on demand t-shirts via Teespring etc…

Now, while he does have a high end training that I recommend, it’s 4 figures. So, this is a great way to get access to him.

This training program isn’t for folk running successful Shopify stores.

It’s for complete newbies who want to get started. Or those who’ve tried to get a Shopify store going but failed.

Chris’ new program is called Top Hat challenge.

NOTE: In Top Hat Challenge, you Won’t Need To Carry Any Stock Or Deal With Any Dropshippers.

Let’s delve into the member’s area and have a look.

Top Hat Challenge Review Video


Top Hat Challenge: Members Area Section Breakdown

Section 1 – Top Hat Challenge Playbook (Start Your Journey Here) PDF

Section 2 – Video 1 – Goal and Why Hats Caps and Beanies – understand why hats, caps and beanies are such a good type of product to sell.

Section 3 – Video 2 – Pricing, Revenue and Recommendations – learn about pricing, revenue, etc. for hats, caps and beanies.

Section 4 – Video 3 – Niche or General – You’ll know which niche suits you best.

Section 5 – Video 4 – Choosing a Domain – Get the best brandable domain name for your store.

Section 6 – Video 5 – Caps Hats Beanies POD Suppliers – You’ll know & have access to the best print on demand suppliers.

Section 7 – Video 6 – Setting Up Your Shopify Store – Get the best advice for your Shopify store set up.

Section 8 – Video 7 – Site Layout – Make sure your Shopify store looks great.

Section 9 – Video 8 – Shipping – You’ll know whats required to make this seamless.

Section 10 – Video 9 – Apps – Which Shopify Apps are the best for your store.

Section 11 – Video 10 – Finding Winning Ideas – Give your products the best chance for success.

Section 12 – Video 11 – Designs – Keep your designs fresh & clean.

Section 13 – Video 12 – Creating Products in Apps – How to create your products in the various Apps.

Section 14 – Video 13 – Creating Fan Pages – How to create your Fan Page for maximum results.

Section 15 – Video 14 – Type of Post to Use – Know which type of post to use.

Section 16 – Video 15 – Product Testing with PPE Ads – how to test your products with PPE Ads.

Section 17 – Video 16 – Analyzing PPE Ads Test Ads – how to analyze your PPE Ads.

Section 18 – Video 17 – Conversion Ads Part A – learn about conversion ads.

Section 18 – Video 18 – Conversion Ads Part B – learn about conversion ads.

Section 19 – Video 19 – Analyzing Conversion Ads Part A – how to analyze your conversion ads.

Section 19 – Video 20 – Analyzing Conversion Ads Part B – how to analyze your conversion ads.

Section 19 – Video 21 – Analyzing Conversion Ads Part C – how to analyze your conversion ads.

Section 20 – Video 22 – Simple Scaling Expand Scaling – how to scale and exapnd your scaling.

Section 21 – Video 23 – Basic Retargeting – discover the basics of retargeting.


In summary, if you are brand new to E-commerce, are struggling with E-com, or would like a place to recap the essentials, then this is hands down the best place to do that.

There are ZERO bonuses. The Top hat challenge does not need them and they would only distract to what is an amazing E-com training.

Top Hat Challenge Review

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