Episode 308 – Traffic Factory 2 Review

Last updated on January 8, 2020

Traffic Factory 2.0 Review


I was in two minds to post this review on my Beers with Adam site.

It’s a software that is very powerful.

But you’ll need to have the right mindset and application to get the most from it.

If you are a person that will put in some work and apply yourself then carry on with this post.

It’s called Traffic Factory 2 and in an underground SEO tool.

Traffic Factory 2 is a new version of an already powerful mass page creator that can run circles around other mass page builders.

It takes these pages and  seamlessly uploads to S3.

You can build your HTML pages with Schema or AMP-enabled & you can create massive citations because the pages are on AWS and they are also super fast to load.

All these features mean these pages are loved by Google and can rank well with a little bit of backlinking.

Your pages can also be siloed together with each one redirecting to any URL you choose.

You can:

  • Embed videos or maps
  • iframe GMB posts for local power

And to make it easier yet, templates are included for those not proficient in HTML!

If all that sounds a bit techy or complicated then I have an interview with one of the guys behind it, Bryant Harper.

Traffic Factory 2.0 Interview with Bryant Harper


As you can see it’s powerful yet could seem complex at first.

Bryant is a smart guy and offers amazing support if you have questions or concerns.

They also have private groups for bouncing ideas off of each other along with being places to as for and provide help.

People in my Beers With Adam Facebook group speak very highly of the software AND the group.

The more I delve into it, the more i’m inclined to agree.

As the video mentioned, you can get a special discount ONLY via the link below.

So, I hope you liked this Traffic Factory 2 review / Interview and I look forward to seeing your results with it.

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