TrafficZion 2 Review

Episode 274 – TrafficZion 2 Review

TrafficZion 2 Review

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Getting consistent free website traffic is something we all want, but is not easy.

You can have the best website in the world full of amazing content, but if people are not coming to it, then you’ll never get the results you want.

So when I heard about a software called TrafficZion 2 that claimed to be ale to get you free targeted traffic on (and this is the dreaded word) autopilot, my bullshit radar went off.

But like all things, you gotta try it out first to be sure.

And Demetris d-papa, one of the guys behind it, is in my Facebook group and someone who I have known for a while.

He was one of the first folk inside my Affiliate Oracle membership site several years ago.

Anyway, this software, called TrafficZion is now in version 2. 

It’s been going for over a year with over 1000 members so part of me thinks there must be something to it.

NOTE: The Software is a Windows Based App

Simply download of the software onto your pc.

Then Set it up and Forget it.

You can minimize it in the back-round, while TrafficZion works for you.

To get set up you need to create a FREE account.

You then use your Gravatar account to login to WordPress and connect your website from there.

Once done you activate the software.

Next, you need to add tags or keywords to the software and it will run in the background to find articles on WordPress and interact on them using your Gravatar account (which is tied to your site).

It’s a little tricky to explain, but easy to set up and makes sense.

Version 1 has good feedback but you will need patience. It’s not an overnight thing.

My review video proved hard to explain the concept but trust me that the idea is great and I can see it works.

TrafficZion 2 Review Video


Hope that was not too confusing 🙂

TrafficZion 2 Review of the funnel:

TRAFFICZION – FE > $37 (Launch Period)   > 47/Mo After Launch 

>> Included Software Download

>> Training Over the Shoulders Case Studies, and Training on how to monetize your websites, and building a website to generate an income online.  

>> after launch Trafficzion Software will be on CLOUD. You will have the chance to upgrade to monthly if they want the cloud version.

NOTE: For MAC USERS this may be the best option


TRIBE – OTO1 > OTO-1 $37

Community based traffic, between TrafficZion Tribe Members. 


TZ INNER CIRCLE – OTO2  > OTO-2 $67 – Group Coaching 2 webinars per month for 1 Year.

Help with setting up your websites and getting the right traffic for your niche.


Courses and Training and 2 Webinars per month through the FB GROUP for Q&A and Guidance for One Year.  



You also get access to the CloudBased Version to set up on your own. Optional either of the two.


2 Live Q&A Webinars a Month, and Coaching Through the Private Group.



  • Simple set up
  • Great concept
  • Log term support and proof it works from version 1


  • Not overnight
  • Windows only during launch

PS…So that’s my TrafficZion 2 review. Please let me know below if you have any questions.


Traffic Zion Review

TrafficZion 2 Bonuses

All inside the member’s area:

Seo Ranking Tracking Tactics

High Profit Blog Secrets

Word Press Seo Beginners Book

Viral Secrets

Super Affiliate Shortcuts

Action List Building Plan

WP lockdown

Creating Your First Start Up

link Supercharger
 Protection Status 



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