Episode 170 – Tube Amplify Review

Episode 170 – Tube Amplify Review
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Tube Amplify Review

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Tube Amplify is something almost all people will be promoting. Peter Beattie is a very big affiliate, at least in the JVZoo arena and as such, people will be promoting this as they want his reciprocation. In fact, I have spoken to 2 people who had agreed to promote Tube Amplify for this very reason and they had not even seen the product. Such is the industry but as you know, I do not play that game and I don’t care how big someone is.

So, I went through the main course but first let me tell you what it is all about.

“Tube Amplify” is the exact system used by top YouTuber Parker Nirenstein to create and grow his channel (Vehicle Virgins) from the ground up to where it is now with over 374,000 subscribers and the 4th most profitable channel in his niche.

Parker is the real deal. He makes money in many ways, but this course has flaws as well as good stuff in it. Peter has helped Parker bring his product to the masses.

The main course is inside a slick member’s area. If you’ve ever bought any of Peter’s stuff, it’ll be added inside the member’s area of what you own.

There are 11 videos; a mixture of Parker talking while in a car (parked I may add),  and a few over the shoulder ones.

This is definitely a  more WHAT to do as opposed HOW to do it and that will disappoint some.

This is not a quick fix. But more what Parker did from his story and if you want to do it, then you need to listen and apply it.

Tube Amplify Review Video

Tube Amplify Software Walkthrough

If you interested in Pro Rank Tracker instead, then you can see that here.


Well put together and lots of proof

Easy to follow. No tech skills needed


Takes time and effort to see results.

Tube Amplify Funnel

I think the funnel is a bit overdone (4 OTOS) but it is what it is and it has some great stuff in it.

Front End $27-47: The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay. Training, software and template package.

OTO 1: $67 The Art of The Brand Deal. Channel monetization method. Parker’s phone call with Peter on all the brand deals, how he did them, how he got paid and the communication methods and much more. <<If you are going to really do this, then this is a must as you’ll learn how to make deals when your channel is still small.

OTO 2: $497 Revolution 6-90. 12-week drip-fed training program. Product creation and launching training.

Downsell $179 per month 3 times

OTO 3: $37 P.M The T.A Inner Circle. Watch Peter over a year. Weekly webinars over that year that will build Peter’s Youtube channel into a 6-figure channel. Will he succeed or fail?

Downsell $1 14-day trial  << Why not get this and see how you like it?

OTO 4: $47 Tube Script Templates. How to create the scripts for templates. ALL kinds of videos. 20 Video script templates. <<Templates are well worth it as I know how hard it can be to say the right thing. This will boost conversions.

My bonuses will depend on what you grabbed 🙂

Vid Reaper Review

Front End Buyers Will get these bonuses:

Tube Traffic Alchemy Review

My Tube Traffic Alchemy course that is currently not available.

This is a step-by-step ranking guide that covers all aspects of YouTube SEO.

All videos are real and over the shoulder stuff that will allow you to take what you learn in Tube Amplify and actually rank the videos that you create.

Value? I won’t make one up for the heck of it.



OTO 1 or OTO 4 Buyers will ALSO get:

tube remaketing mastery

Tube Remarketing Mastery. This course is slightly more advanced than YouTube Channel Mastery and does require that you have a channel and preferably a website. In this membership protected course, I show you how to set up many different kinds of remarketing lists so that you can ethically follow your audience around Youtube, Google and the web. Even if you only have a few videos, I highly recommend creating your lists now as they will grow automatically.




In order to succeed with Youtube, you must get it right from the start. This course will show you if your idea is doomed to failure from the start. You will also learn how to spot winners and get infinite video ideas for zero cost. Follow this training to Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A CASH MACHINE. Perfect if  you want to make money on YouTube but have no clue where to start.



OTO 2 or 3 Buyers Will Also Get:


Social Traffic Alchemy Review

Social Traffic Alchemy will go behind the scenes and show, in real time, how we’re able to leverage Facebook Video ads with SICK returns and results.

This training can take the rawest of newcomers and help them build a list thousands strong in mere days.






Youtube is a search engine and so your prospects are already qualifying themselves by looking for the solutions you are going to provide. You just need to get in front of the right people, and enough of them. YouTube Ads Kickstart makes all of this possible and will take you from never having set up a YouTube ad at all, not only knowing how to do one, but how to do one exceedingly well.




New Year Viral Traffic ReviewNew Year Viral Traffic shows you how to send a stampede of laser targeted traffic to your CPA and ClickBank offers using 4 profitably-proven traffic sources.

You will get free traffic sources, fast traffic sources, proven traffic sources and low cost traffic sources all designed to send a rush of targeted traffic to your offers.


The next 4 bonuses are what EVERYONE will offer:

Tube Amplify bonus 1


:Users:adamnagoya:Desktop:Tube Amplify bonus 2

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