Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

Episode 162 – Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

Episode 162 – Tube Remarketing Mastery Review
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Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

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YouTube ads are  very cheap but that is just the start. But if you are not remarketing, then you really are missing out on a ton of cheap highly targeted traffic.

Retargeting and remarketing are the same thing by the way.

When people visit your website or see your videos for the first time, they are cold traffic. They do not know you and at that time, there is no KLT factor (Know, Like, Trust). As such, the large majority do not take the action you hope for.

They do not buy, opt-in..etc

BUT…If you have your YouTube Remarketing set up, then you can follow them all over the web and all over YouTube. Bit like a stalker but less scary and creepy.

Even better. You can follow them over YouTube depending on the actual search term they type in. Your Remarketing videos can be hyper- targeted.

Tube Remarketing Mastery Review Video

I hope you enjoyed my video. While I am, of course, biased as it is my training, I do believe this is a very important yet highly under-taught topic.

Like everything, once you know how, you know how. You then h ave a skill you can use for life. There is no need for any software or anything else. Just follow along (my video tutorials).

Tube Remarketing Mastery Funnel

F/End: $27 for 3 days then goes up to $47.

No OTOS or anything else. Simple!

So there you have it. if you use YouTube in any way shape or form, then I highly recommend this training course.

Tube Remarketing Mastery

Any problems accessing the member’s area, then please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks and I look forward to helping you with your YouTube marketing.

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  • Chris

    Reply Reply July 24, 2016

    Do you need to have an adsense account to use this?

    • admin

      Reply Reply July 26, 2016

      Hi Chris,

      No you do not.

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