TubeSift Alternative – A Better Software for Monetized Videos

TubeSift Alternative

Despite being the market leader for finding monetized ads on YouTube, Tubesift now has some competition.

In this post we will look at a TubeSift Alternative when it comes to researching and running YouTube ads.

What is Tubesift?

The main function of Tubesift is to find monetized videos so that you can place your YouTube ads in front of them.

It’s designed to find these en masse to save you the time of having to do this manually.

And, it does this job well.

Tubesift is the market leader in YouTube ads softwares and as a company does have stability and a good reputation,

It also has a few other features I’ll touch on here.

Keyword Tool

It has a keyword suggestion tool so that you can find other potential things to target.

While this works well again (like all the features) what it does not do is provide as much info about these keywords as our Tubesift alternative down below.

Channel Search

YouTube is so vast that it’s overwhelming to search for channels in your niche or industry. 

The Channel Search function lets you quickly identify the most popular channels for any topic.

This gives you the option of advertising on an entire channel rather than only on a single video.

When you identify a profitable channel, this can give you a wide selection of relevant videos for your ads.

Create Companion Banners

The banner creation tool is a drag-and-drop.

It allows you to create companion banners and thumbnails from within the platform.

That’s fine, but can be done for free with Canva and to do a real pro job, you need to have some graphics skills to begin with.

Many do not.

YouTube Ads Mini-Course

Along with the tool, there is a mini course inside.

It simply tours the Google ads interface and shows you what to do to take out an ad, but does not talk about research, the viewers journey, KPIs and all the stuff that is 100% needed if you want to see success.

TubeSift Alternative

From here I will outline a TubeSift Alternative called Vidnetics which also finds monetized videos for you but does a whole lot more and is much better value.


Vidnetics is a software designed to help you with your Youtube Ads campaigns. 

Like Tubesift, it finds monetized videos but also does a whole lot more as this review video shows:


One of the key points of Vidnetics is its spy feature which I will go into more detail from here.

How to Spy On YouTube Ads

If you have ever heard of Clickfunnels, you may have heard the founder, Russell Brunson use a term called Funnel Hacking.

This simply means looking at successful sales funnels and revers engineer them using their platform.

Vidnetics allows you to do this when it comes to Youtube ads.


Spy tools, are on can be very expensive and until now, none of them provide enough info related to YouTube In-stream ads.

As this video shows, Vidnetics allows you to find unlisted ads, the landing page as well as track views, ad spend and more.

Added to this is a YouTube ads library that stores all the ads any user watches to build a massive database of ads to learn and swipe from.

Run out of Placements?

If you are running ads and only targeting placements, you are eventually going to run out of videos to target.

Vidnetics allows you to discover the monthly search volume for tons of keywords as well as uncovering ‘hidden keyword phrases’ that your target audience is looking for.

Keyword targeting is perfect for both in-stream and discovery ads.

This is shown during the video below:

ROI Calculator

Within the site, Vidnetics also has an ROI calculator.

No need to spend money on YouTube ads until you know how much you will get back. 

This really helps you know your numbers which is vital in any form of paid ads.

Full YouTube Ads Course

Finally, You can also get access to a complete YouTube ads course broken down into 5 core components.

Gabriel Jude created this course and he ran a 7-figure ads agency in the past and put all his expertise into it.

This could be a $4997 course alone in my opinion.

It’s no good getting any tool if you do not know how to use it but the course covers all that.

From in depth avatar research, psychographics, knowing KPIs, the customer journey, the creative, tracking and setting up the ads, this leaves no stone unturned.

Add to that a Facebook community (which to be fair, Tubesift has too) then you have all you need to move forward.


While Tubesift is good, we feel the Tubesift alternative, Vidnetics, is head and shoulders above.

Should you want to try out Vidnetics, then you can do so here:

There are 3 plans available for you, with perhaps the plus the best for an individual who wants to get the most from the tool.

If you have any questions, then please leave them below and thanks for reading.


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