TubeSift Review

Episode164 – TubeSift Review

Episode164 – TubeSift Review
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TubeSift Review

Video Ads are huge and totally under utilized. But the potential is huge. And in the review today, I want to tell you about a software that I personally use that allows me to get amazing intel.

let’s take a step back and talk about YouTube Ads so you get the full picture. There are 2 main types of YouTube Ads. In-stream, the commercial type ones that appear prior to the video you had hoped to see are what this post is all about.

Now, they are only annoying if they are untargeted. If they are really congruent then they can even add value.

Here is a video that I made that go over both In-stream ads and In-Display ads:

So now that you have a better idea, let me show you the power of TubeSift and how you could use this to build your list, get more traffic to a site, sell E-Com products and more. Enjoy my review video.

TubeSift Review Video

TubeSift Features

  • Works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Powerful search options and settings
  • Fully mobile responsive members’ portal
  • Integrated dual-source keyword tool
  • Built-in channel search functionality
  • Organize videos into placement lists
  • Export search results in full details

Now, TubeSift is not on a launch and I have had to speak to Justin personally to get this available for you. It is not on regular sale so you are lucky that you have a chance to grab it here.

It costs $47 per month (no need to get any thing else). And is worth trying and once you use it, like me, you will see how powerful it is.

The only things you need to know to make in-stream ads work are:

a) Targeting – Tube Sift does this

b) Scripts – My bonus

c) Compliancy- My bonus again

It really is that simple. If you are a video marketer, then you should get into in-stream ads.

NOTE: If you create a script, you can even outsource the creation of the video to Fiverr.

TIP: Try this for 1-2 months. The only way you’ll not get this to work for you is if you do not use it. Simple. If you use it, you’ll stay for life I am sure.

TubeSift Review

a) My video Script Mastery guide

Soon to be released as a stand alone product, you can get this script guide to get the most from your In-stream ads


b) E-Commerce and CPA FB Sniper Technique

This is only possible if you have a software such as TubeSift. This is such a cool technique that it ill find the perfect channels to put your videos in front of. Honestly, if you have an E-Com store or are promoting a CPA offer that is Adwords compliant,then this will KILL it for you.

c) Google AdWords Compliance Video. With In-stream ads, compliancy is vital.

Video covering the 11 aspects your landing page must comply with for in-stream ads.

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