Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Episode 175 – Turnkey Profit Machines Review

Episode 175 – Turnkey Profit Machines Review
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Turnkey Profit Machines Review

8th October 2016 @ 10am US EST

Turnkey Profit Machines is an E-commerce case study showing exactly how Phil Schaffer has set up his business: what he sells, how much he sells for, how much he buys for, where he gets the traffic in order to sell $38,000 of product and generate a profit of just over $12,000 selling products on his Shopify Store.

While this is good training, let’s be honest, it has been done a thousand times before. BUT… It is a case study so cannot argue with that.

There is something odd about this product though and you need to know it before you buy. So please make the effort to watch it.

Turnkey Profit Machines Review Video

So there you have it.

Turnkey Profit Machines Funnel

Turnkey Profits Machines FE is $15 – $27. Get in early for a cheaper price if you want it.

OTO1 is $27 and contains 2 additional case studies, with real results, profits, traffic etc, showing Phil’s own most profitable “machines”.

OTO2 is $47 and is 15 Done For You “machines” AND a Done For You site. Includes product, supplier, suggested price…


+ They have proof

+ Well put together

+ Both Stefan and Phil are clear on video and easy to understand.


+ Bit of a misleading name as it is not Turnkey 🙂

+ Phil does the case study but would like to have seen him do it all as it is based on his proof.

Email Dyno Review

Bonuses? Not this time. Just go through the training. More than enough.

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