Episode 269 – Twitter Video Mastery review

Twitter Video Mastery Review

Twitter Video marketing is an little known marketing strategy. Sure there are some folk doing it well, but few people teaching it.

Due to that, it is hard for the newer person to get going.

There is simply a lack of training.

I wrote a pretty fantastic (If I say so myself) on the VMI blog on Twitter Video Marketing.

Have a read of that to get a grounding and then to decide if it is something you want to learn more about.

If you would like to delve deeper into Twitter video, then you should take a look at my new course, Twitter video mastery.

This is a course which covers the basics of Twitter growth with video along with a sneaky grey hat technique to use viral videos to grow your audience.

Audience is the key word.

With any marketing, if you have an audience of followers, you’ll end up getting better results.

You can direct your Twitter followers to your Facebook group, YouTube channel, email list or just market to them directly on the platform.

So, here is a look inside the members area of this course:

Twitter Video Mastery Review Video

Anything else you should know?

  • There are no upgrades. It’s a one time thing. $17 is all it costs.
  • Not every niche is on Twitter. Many are but some are not
  • This is not an A-Z of Twitter. This is all about getting going with Twitter videos (organic and paid).
  • The main focus of this training is to build an audience

Modules Inside: 

  • Perfect Profile Set up 
  • Prospect Mining
  • Twitter video creation without appearing on camera
  • Uploading natively and using video cards
  • Over the shoulder Video ad set up
  • Walk on the wild side – Use at your own risk – But Can Help explode your profile…

As usual, please ask me if you have any questions in the comments below.



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