Vid Reaper Review

Episode 176 – Vid Reaper Review

Episode 176 – Vid Reaper Review
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Vid Reaper Review

Oct 10th @ 10AM EST to Oct 14th 11:59PM EST

Vid Reaper is a Cloud based software that finds profitable topics, titles and keywords so that you can create videos that dominate. Or at least that what it says.

The key to YouTube is not just making and ranking videos, but you want to be able to rank for PROFITABLE keywords. Ones that will actually bring i money or leads.

The software searches YouTube for videos that actually make money and reverse engineers the process so you can outrank them. It pulls data from SEM Rush and AHREFS with regards backlinks and all that jazz. You also get to see the number of keywords the videos rank for, the views,likes, whether it has close captions on and a whole bunch more.

So in short, you can find profitable videos, filter down and then see exactly what you need to do to outrank that video.

It’s not the easiest software to explain, so I’ll show you here:

Vid Reaper Review Video

Vid Reaper Sales Funnel

Front End:  $27-$47 Vid Reaper Software

OTO 1: $97 – Vid Reaper Pro Version. This allows your videos to be reserved for your personal account. That way, no-one else can access that video or its details. Also reveals a more detailed ranking blueprint. If you can afford it, then I’d get this. I wish it came as part of the Front end but not my call.

Downsell: $47 – Lite Version

OTO 2: $147 Niche Reaper 3.0. niche keyword discovery system.

Due to the amount of Information in this course, I have just one bonus that I think will help you rank your videos much more quickly


Vid Reaper Review

Discovery Ads Mastery video. 25 mins (approx) on how to take out these ads to get laser targeted views to your videos to help them rank.














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