VidBuilder FX Review

Episode 206 – VidBuilder FX Review

Episode 206 – VidBuilder FX Review
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VidBuilder FX Review

Goes Live May 15th @ 11AM EST

Video is huge. But you knew that already. Whether you are doing Facebook Video, YouTube or hopefully both. One of the hardest thing is the creation of good quality content.

And what converts on YouTube does not always work on Facebook.

If you want your videos to do well on Facebook, then one thing you can do is to share viral videos and build huge audiences. I’ve been doing this since 2015. And now, finding content has just gotten a whole lot easier

VidBuilderFX is an adobe air based desktop software that creates curated videos by putting together trending video clips from Facebook & YouTube, editing them and then publishes them natively on your Facebook FanPage, profile or Group automatically.

In VidBuilderFX, you enter a keyword and the app find trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, edit them as you wish and then allows you to  automatically publishes them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups.

Or you can simply export the videos to your computer to use them later.

Now while it’s not as simple or quick as the sales pages says, it is fairly straightforward.

VidBuilder FX Review Video

VidBuilderFX essentially automates the entire process of create trending and viral videos and then publishing them on Facebook. Facebook is aggressively getting into videos in 2017 and has recently started running ads in-between the videos that you publish, just like YouTube does. They are going to be sharing the revenue with publishers, just like YouTube videos.

Now, as I promised in my review video above, there is a demo on how to use it so check that out here:

VidBuilder FX Review – A Demo Video



+ Easy to use and good training

+ Connects with Facebook, YouTube and Flickr

+ Saves you a bunch of time

+ Can create as many variations as you wish

+ Adobe Air..MAC and PC



  • – The text-to-speech function, while it works, sounds pretty bad.
  • – The funnel is a bit OTT in my opinion. I mean 5 OtOs?
  • – Sales page states 15 seconds! Now that is not doable even for the fastest of us.
  • – No training on how to get traffic to your videos… See BONUSES below 🙂

VidBuilder FX Review of the Funnel

NOTE: I have not personally reviewed any of the OTOs, these are just to give you a heads up on what is in the funnel.

UPSELL #1: VidBuilderFX PLATINUM ($47/annually)

VidBuilderFX PLATINUM. It comes packed with additional features and usage rights including:
– Unlimited videos per day
– Developer’s license
– Clients Usage License
– Virtual Assistant License
– Auto Publish on Instagram & SnapChat
– Add & Manage Unlimited Facebook Accounts
– Spintext for post text when publishing videos

NOTE: I am not sure that anyone needs this to be honest. But you make the call.

UPSELL #2: Agency Package ($47)

The rights and ability to use VidBuilderFX for your clients and start sell this as a service. With the the Agency license, you get the salespage, logo templates, Sales videos, Facebook ad templates and all scripts. Sell if you wish.

UPSELL #3: ViralSoci Platinum Edition ($27/annually)

A cloud based ViralSOCI app that allows you to find fresh and new trending content from web and automate that to be published on your Facebook Fanpages and groups. ViralSoci will find images, GIFs and videos and publish them or schedule them to be published as a specific time natively.

UPSELL #4: Image Library Pack ($31.95)

Access to 1000s of new high quality images in multiple niches, curated to help you save time and to automatically use with VidBuilderFX if you don’t want to curate images/videos from their web sources. Use these images for video thumbnails, presentations, videos etc. BEST OTO IMO

UPSELL #5: VidBuilderFX Resellers Program ($197)

The Resellers programs gives you the ability to become a reseller and sell VidBuilderFX and the entire funnel to your customers while keep 100% of the profits.


If you think VidBuilder FX could be a good addition to your arsenal, then clear your cookies and grab it via the below link

IM Video Masters Review

My Unique Bonuses:

1. 100% Coupon Code for Viral Ads traffic

  1. Video Ads Traffic ReviewNew case studies, new more advanced audience research methods, more ways of making videos. Pay attention to the black bar module if you sell physical offers.It’s a complete over the shoulder video course.And a complete newbie could do it.As for budget, it is ads, so you need some, but $5 a day is doable if needs must.b) A real life $2,599 FB Ads case study by my friend and partner on this launch, Paul Venables. Paul covers everything in his video series from start to finish so that you can follow along and reverse engineer it for yourself.

    2. YouTube Discovery Ads masterclass

  2. Start to finish on how to uncover your ideal target. Perfect now that big brands are boycotting YouTube. The time for these ads is now!

    3. $606 Rank while you bank Case Study

    Video on this is in the member’s area.

These are the Bonuses ANYONE can offer and are provided to all Affiliates by the Vid Builder FX team:


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