Episode 264 – Viddyclick Review

Last updated on March 12, 2020

Viddyclick Review

October 16 – 22 10:00 AM EST

6-Day Launch Ends on 10/22 @ 10:00 am EST

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]ideo creation can be the stumbling block for many video marketers. Not only can video creation be time consuming but many people lack confidence to appear on camera.

Stock videos sell well because of this, and many people prefer to buy use professionally made videos rather than stumble through making their own.

My friend Steve Chase is a pro narrator and creates such videos.

His new product Viddyclick is a set of done for you videos that review some of the best selling Clickbank offers.

If you are a member of my Video Marketing Insider group, you’ll know how to take such videos and rank them.

Steve actually contributed one module to VMI. He made a whole section called WordPress Wizardry.

He’s a good guy and I was happy to check out this offer of his.

In short, Steve has taken some of the top selling Clickbank offers and for each one, made 5 videos AND provided a website for each one.

If you get this, you need to brand the videos and add a website URL to them, then you can use his sites (built on HTML so super fast) to send the traffic to that you get from these videos.

If this sounds techy or you do not know how to use them, do not fear. My bonus covers all that.

Viddyclick Review Video


Now, some folk will have a few concerns. Namely:

  • What if we all target the same thing?
  • If we all have the same video won’t that be a problem.

These are valid concerns BUT. Most folk who buy this will not use the videos purely as they are not focussed.

Hopefully, you will and there are TONS of keyword variations to go after. VMI members will outrank

EVERYONE else too.

Plus you MUST brand these videos to use them. That’s a good thing.

Add an outro, amazing thumbnail and title too. Perhaps embed a URL into the video? Many ways to make your video stand out.

In short, brand, rank or use paid traffic, direct to the website provided, and make a few commissions (and if you are smart, build a list and/or retarget).

Viddyclick Review Funnel

[FE] – 5 Full Viddy Funnels

In the FE, Steve is including funnels for the following five (5) Clickbank products:

1)  Numerologist.com (Gravity – 202.87)
2)  His Secret Obsession (Gravity – 108.17)
3)  The Red Tea Detox (Gravity – 168.97)
4)  Ted’s Woodworking (Gravity – 125.58)
5)  Unlock Your Hip Flexors (Gravity – 131.42)

All products chosen have Gravity>100 


  • 1 “Click” Video – 60 second video to rank on YouTube to drive traffic to your landing site
  • One “Review” video – a 4 to 6 minute video that reviews the Clickbank product, it is used on the landing site, but can also be ranked on YouTube as well to drive more traffic.
  • A Landing Site – This is multi-page site that has some nice images, 5 different articles in the same niche as the Clickbank product, and features the review video on the front page.  Each page has a button to click over to the affiliate offer.  The sites are built in HTML.



1)  “How to brand the videos”
2)  “How to install the landing site”
3)  “How to maximize each funnel’s success”


[OTO1] – Viddy Upgrade Pack (Intros, Outros, Animated GIFs, and Live Actor Clips)

In the OTO1, Steve is including more video content that can be used to enhance the funnels and videos:

  1. Intro clips that can be added to both the “click” video AND the “review” video
  2. Outro clips that can be added to both the “click” video AND the “review” video
  3. Animated GIFs that can be used on the landing site to give the review videos a CTA to “Click here to play” – a GREAT way to overcome the Chrome stoppage of “autoplay” videos
  4. Live actor clips that can be added to the videos to make them unique in the eyes of YouTube (provides more flexibility to ranking “unique” videos)


[OTO2] – Massive Viddy Pack (25 more videos)

In OTO2, Steve will provide four (4) 5-packs of videos (for a total of 20 videos) in the following 4 niches:

1)  Newbie Online Mistakes
2)  Women’s Health and Fitness
3)  Online Marketing for Seniors
4)  Survival Tactics

Also, as a bonus, he will provide five (5) more videos, 1 for each of the funnels in the FE, that can be used as extra videos on the websites or on YouTube


[OTO3] – DFY Viddy Setups

In the OTO3, Steve will provide a DFY set-up service for the funnels purchased in the FE.

There will be three levels (and prices) of service.

1)  Set-up 1 funnel (buyer’s choice) ($197)
2)  Set-up 3 funnels (buyer’s choice) ($397)
3)  Set-up all 5 funnels ($497)

Set-up for each funnel includes:

1)  Find and buy domain (1 year of registration)
2)  Buy and setup hosting (1 year of service)
3)  Set-up GMail account
4)  Set-up YouTube Channel (basic setup including uploading the “click” and “review” videos)
5)  Installing the landing site
6)  Installing the Facebook Pixel (provided by you)
7)  Making sure it “all works”
8)  Answer questions and troubleshoot any problems in the first 30 days


I hope you liked my Viddyclick review. Please share it and let me know if you have any questions.

Viddyclick Bonuses

First, clear your cookies and hit the orange buy button when Viddyclick is live and inside with your delivery will be:

A bonus pack (that you can use in relation to these videos) that will show you:

  1. How to upload a Zip file to your website via Cpanel and edit it so that you can add your affiliate links
  2. How to use these videos as ads on Bing to get more views and potentially more sales


Video Marketing Insider

PS…Thanks for reading this Viddyclick Review. Please let me know below if you have any questions.





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