Episode 299 – Video Content Pack Review

Video Content Pack Review

Launches Wednesday, September 18th 10AM EST.  Ends -Sunday, September 22nd

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]rafting good quality video content is one of the toughest elements of being a video marketer.

Even more so when you want to do it consistently.

So when my friend, Steve Chase told me he had made a new product called Video Content Pack, I wanted to have a look

What is it?

In short, it’s a set of 10 HD Done-For-You-Videos in the Juicing Niche.

And they come with personal usage rights.

You also get a lot of bonus images as well to use alongside these videos on blog posts or thumbnail creation plus training on how to brand them using free tools so your videos are unique.

Why Juicing?

While the Juicing niche is very big (60,500 monthly searches fort the term ‘juicing’ alone), you do not have to directly be in that area to use these videos.

People who are looking to ‘get healthy’ or ‘lose weight’ will search for terms such as ‘how to juice’ or ‘how do I start juicing’.

This’ll bring them to your videos which maybe on YouTube or elsewhere.

And these same people are also looking to BUY the things that they need to get involved in juicing or to reap the benefits of it.

Here are the video topics in the main offer and the OTO as well:



Video Content Pack Review Video

Video Content Pack Review of the Funnel


FE Offer:  Video Content Pack V1
The Front End Offer contains the following:

1)  10 High-Quality Videos in the Juicing Niche (all between 3 1/2 to 5 minutes long) in 720p HD Format (1280×720)

2)  Bonus #1:  111 High-Quality Royalty-Free Stock Images in the Juicing Niche (various resolutions)

3)  Bonus #2:  All 111 Images from Bonus #1 cropped and resized (1280×720) and ready to be branded and used as YouTube Thumbnails

4)  Bonus #3:  A Brand New Never Before Seen Training on “How To Brand Your Videos – For FREE!”


OTO1 Offer:  40-Video UPGRADEThis UPSELL includes 40 MORE Videos PLUS another stock image pack:

1)  15 MORE High-Quality Videos in the Juicing Niche (all between 3 1/2 to 5 minutes long) in 720p HD Format (1280×720)

2)  25 High-Quality Videos in Square Format (720×720).  These are the SAME TOPICS as the previous 25 videos (the 10 videos from the FE and the 15 included in the OTO1) but they are formatted to look GREAT in Square Format (720×720)

3)  Bonus #4: The same 111 Images from the FE, but this time they are cropped and resized to the Square Format (1080×1080) to be branded and used as thumbnails for the Square Format Videos.


DS1 Offer:  15-Video UPGRADE
This DOWNSELL contains ONLY the 15 High-Quality Videos in 720p HD Format that were contained in OTO1.  

Everything else is removed from this downsell offer.

OTO2 Offer:  Photo Wizard
This UPSELL gives you access, for a one-time payment, to a cloud-based photo editing platform which is GREAT for creating logos, thumbnails, and most any other graphics they may need for their business. 

You can EASILY BRAND the stock photos you get in the FE and OTO1.


Steve is someone I like and trust. 

He even made a large module for my Video Marketing Insider program.

He is a pro narrator and the videos are HD.

The only downside is you need to be unique in how to use them.

Step forward my bonus:

Video Content Pack Bonus

A complete Keyword Research pack in the juicing niche

I will give you my AHREFS report telling you a ton of Keywords that you can go after in the juicing niche.

I will also give you another several hundred KW in that niche meaning that you’ll never run out of ideas for your own videos.

Finally, you’ll get my free video creation training which will show you how to make videos without ever appearing on camera.

So now you have zero excuse not to take action.


Just click the link AFTER clearing cookies if you want the bonus.


Video Content Pack

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