Video Vortex 2 Review

Episode 178 – Video Link Vortex 2.0 Review

Episode 178 – Video Link Vortex 2.0 Review
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Video Link Vortex 2.0 Review

When I first got going online I bought a training by a guy called Bill Cousins. It was called Video Rocket ( I think). It was the first product that worked for me and kickstarted my interest in YouTube.

Today I got the chance to speak with him 1-1, say thank you and chat about YouTube and his amazing new software called video Link Vortex 2.0.

In short, this about connecting a TON of videos together to make link wheels (which still work very well on YouTube).

YouTube URLS are all do follow if they are inside of YouTube. They are insanely powerful.

In the old days, you had to this manually. While it worked, it was a right pain in the ass. It took forever opening and closing pages and saving all the time. I did this and still do from time to time but it is time intensive.

Do a search for the term, ‘Talking to Toddlers Review’. This is a Clickbank product that does not get a lot of traffic, but I wanted to rank and try and take over as much of page one as I could to get some clicks and sales. Here is a quick screenshot of a channel I rarely use these days.

I made 12 videos ( I think) and manually linked them all together). BTW, notice how the streamed one still ranks #1.Streaming works 🙂

But I chose the wrong offer. And I also chose the wrong keyword as traffic is minimal at best.

Video Link Vortex 2.0

I ranked in part because I linked all the videos together.

So lesson here is, for affilaite marketing at least, chose better keywords.

I’d need tons more videos that 12 if I were to rank for a really high traffic volume buyer keyword. And it’d work but take FORVER. Which is where Video Link Vortex 2.0 comes in.

Video Link vortex automates this process and creates the link wheel instantly. In seconds. But it is much more than just a timesaver.

Let me show you why as I chat to Bill Cousins all about it. Kinda…

The audio interview comes in about half way through our conversation. My MAC ran out of space half way through, so I had to switch to audacity mid-recording. LOL. Sorry Bill if you’re reading.

The bits that got cut off:

+ Bill has been doing Video marketing both affiliate and local for many years. And he failed a lot at first like we all did.

+ One of his older products was the first one that I personally got results from, so I was really glad I got a chance to say thank you personally.

+ An intro to how to software came about.



+ Web based

+ Fb Support group

+ Super easy to use. Could not be easier. Don’t believe me: Look here>>


+ I cannot think of any to be honest

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