Video Marketing Blaster Review

Episode 226 – Video Marketing Blaster Review

Video Marketing Blaster Review

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Since my ‘review retirement’, I have only spoken about 2 trainings, my own was the best of course, called The Conversion Point. There are either no good offers or no folk I trust to recommend. At least recently that has been the case.

Today, I have something for you though. It is by 2 guys who come with my highest recommendation. Stoica and Vlad, two video software experts all the way from Romania.

They have tons of experience with their Video Marketing suite, and I have been happy recommending their softwares before. In fact, I have never had any negative feedback from anyone who bought something from them on my recommendation. I know I can trust them as people and the stuff they make works. Period!

Their new software is called Video Marketing Blaster and you can see a demo or walkthrough of it in the video below.

Video Marketing Blaster Review – A Walkthrough

As you can see, it is a fairly simple tool to use and the Keyword function is invaluable not only for ideas but for checking the competition.

You can get ideas, titles and some descriptions that you can later as you go.

Great for getting some intel on your competition as well and how many backlinks you need.

TIP: Get a VA to do the backlinking if you can afford one.

Now let’s check out the funnel of Video Marketing Blaster.

Video Marketing Blaster Review – The Funnel

(Video Marketing Blaster Pro – 47$ – Find YT competition details, SEO report + Rank Tracker)
(Video Marketing Blaster Local Pack – 37$ – 30 Templates for Local Businesses)
(Live Event Blaster Pro – 67$ – Create, publish and stream Live Events from local video files)
(Video Spin Blaster Pro – 57$ – Fast video creator with TTS support)

I know OTO 3 and 4 to be excellent offers. You may have seen them before but they are top notch.

Go through the funnel at your own speed and make a call as to what you need.


  • You can trust these guys. The regularly update their stuff and for free. No need to buy version 2/3/4 etc
  • They are out their in the video field doing this stuff
  • As they only make video products, they are serious. Not serial product launchers who promise the moon but cannot deliver.


  • Windows only

If you got some value from this Video Marketing Blaster Review, then Please let me know with a comment or Facebook Like.

As for bonuses, they will be inside of JVZoo delivered automatically. To get mine ( unique to me and congruent), you need to clear cookies and ensure my Affiliate ID is correct: 64531.



Split Blaster allows users to download YouTube videos and split them in multiple parts.

It’s perfect for downloading copyright free videos, then splitting the parts needed to use them in Pixo Blaster or in any other video editor.

Choose 2 from the below Courses:

  1. YouTube Channel Mastery. There are 35 short over the shoulder videos in this membership protected course. Aimed at the complete beginner through to the Intermediate level marketer, YouTube Channel Mastery covers every single aspect of YouTube Channel creation and optimization.

YouTube Channel Mastery

2. Tube Traffic Alchemy. This is a Ranking Guide. In this  course, I cover every single step you need to implement in order to rank your videos on Youtube and Google. Plus, the exact tools or resources used for each of these steps.


Tube Traffic Alchemy Review

3. Tube Remarketing Mastery. This course is slightly more advanced than YouTube Channel Mastery and does require that you have a channel and preferably a website. In this membership protected course, I show you how to set up many different kinds of remarketing lists so that you can ethically follow your audience around Youtube, Google and the web. Even if you only have a few videos, I highly recommend creating your lists now as they will grow automatically.

Tube Remarketing Mastery Review




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  • Apeh Ikechukwu

    Reply Reply April 7, 2018

    Nice review style you’ve got here.

    Great software it really is. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you’re missing out on a lot of things

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