Episode 229 – Video Sorcery Review

Last updated on December 18, 2017

Video Sorcery Review

Goes Live Dec 18th at 10PM EST (Yes PM)

YouTube removed the option for adding “Links with YouTube cards” and “associated Links in End screens” for all channels whether you had previously set this up or not in mid-late 2017 for certain channels.

Basically, channels that did not have a total of 10,000 views found that their cards/end screens that were previously able to link out to external websites were no longer working.

The Links in descriptions will worked though.

If you have been hit by this, there is a fairly straight forward way to reactivate this ability by joining the “YouTube Partner Program”.

Commit to a ‘doable’ schedule of creating videos that you know through Keyword Research that folk are actually searching for.

Focus on gettng your videos into the Top 3 for the keyword

Use a service to buy views for a video if you must. Just be aware it may skew analytics and use sparingly.

If your KW gets 500 monthly searches, keep the # of views you buy as close as possible to that.

Buy views the RIGHT way and utilize YouTube Ads.

10,000 views on a channel is possible with a bit of thought, application and patience. Make an effort to get there and you can link out to your websites again.

Video Sorcery covers 5 methods to get tons of targeted views to your videos. Watch the Video Sorcery video below to learn more.

Video Sorcery Review Video

This is all new content. Only one video comes from a previous course, YouTube ads mastery.

In my opinion, this is aimed at the beginner to intermediate level YouTube marketer.

Video Sorcery Funnel

The funnel is super complicated. $17 on the front end. That’s it. No Upsells or downsells.

To pick up Video Sorcery, click on the button below.

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