Video Titan 3 Review

Episode 179 – VIDEO TITAN 3.0 Review

Episode 179 – VIDEO TITAN 3.0 Review
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Video Titan 3.0 Review

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Video Titan 3 is a software & training package focused on video marketing. The offer a 5-piece video software for video ( YouTube and Facebook).

This is put together by the Memeplex team. To be honest, although I’d heard of them, I do not know them as people at all so this is just a review of the product with no personal bias one way or the other.

I managed to track down Chris and got a review of what looked like a pretty huge package. Time prevented me looking at every single aspect but here is a review of the stuff I saw plus my on personal opinion:

Video Titan 3.0 Review Video

The tools that come with this package are below:

  • Five-software video marketing suite
  • 1 Click Video Creator – create video animations in a few clicks. with 30 templates included
  • Instant Video Pages – build landing pages in a few clicks – with affiliate programs & resell right offers pre-loaded
  • Done for you theme – custom WordPress theme, built to monetize video for e-commerce, Youtube, Facebook etc.
  • Tube Titan – research YouTube & build out Youtube Ad campaigns (keywords + placements to target) in seconds.
  • Tube Traffic -insert clickable images to suck traffic to your sites
  • Video Explosion – Add text subtitles to any video, boosting engagement

Q Does Video Titan work on PC & Mac?

All the Video Titan softwares work on not just PCs & Apple Macs, but also Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android etc) & Tablets.

So all in all, it’s a very comprehensive package for the price. That much is clear.

Probably, you’ll not need nor have time to use ALL the tools and that’s fine. Most people reading this will probably have one kind of viral video creator and have no need for another one.


+ Web-based

+ Great for researching volume/keywords for YT ads

+ Price is reasonable


+ A few of the softwares probably will not be needed by most.
Despite what I said about the OTOs, in the video, I just was not able to access them to review them.
Video Titan 3 review

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