Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Episode 257 – Video Traffic Genie 2 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2 Review

Goes Live on September 18th at 11:00 AM EST

One of the things that surprises me is how many links in YouTube videos do not work.

The reason is usually due to people either forgetting or not bothering to keep their domains registered.

So if you see a video ranking well and the link does not work, I would see if the domain is registered or not. If not, and the video gets traffic, perhaps pick it up.

You can then redirect traffic from anyone who clicks on it to a place of your choosing. Maybe a landing page you make, or an affiliate link or somewhere else.

I’ve done this before and made simple sales. I did not make the video nor rank it. But I grabbed a domain someone forgot to keep registered and got the benefits of it.

How was this doable? Read on…

An Introduction to The software that made this possible

A few years back , my friend Paul Venables released a software called Video Traffic Genie

When version one was released, I used it to pick up a domain that was in the link of a video ranking #1 for a hair loss term. I redirected that to an affiliate link for a Market Health product called Provillus and bang, a few $40 commissions. Not right away, but over a few weeks.

All told I think I sold about 4 so $160 in commissions. My only expense was the domain which was under $10 and VERY minimal effort.

I had no control of that video and over time it fell down the rankings somewhat. I still got clicks and in hindsight, I should have built a simple opt-in page and then gotten a list. Truth be told, I was too lazy to do that.

But it was so simple.

Run the search, buy the domain and inside the domain registrar, redirect it to my affiliate link. Job done. 

Version 2.0 looks very similar from the outside but it has been updated with a few feature added such as the keyword suggestion tool shows in the video.

Paul is a good trainer and his videos are clear and well explained. Here is my Video Traffic Genie 2.0 review video:

Video Traffic Genie 2 Review Video

So that was the front end software. Here is a little more information on what is in the funnel.

Video Traffic Genie 2 Gold (OTO1) Review Video

Video Traffic Genie 2 Review of the Funnel

Front End: The Adobe Air Video Traffic Genie Software (As shown in my video)

OTO 1: Gold version. This includes: whale finder,  whois checker ( to see who owns the domain  unlimited APIs. This means more searches are available to you. Only needed if you envisage yourself being a heavy user who does a lot of searches.

OTO 2: Syndlab 2.0 – A syndication software which is on sale for $97 right now (to my knowledge). It shares your stuff on web 2.0 properties. Web based software.


  • Adobe Air so works on Mac or PC
  • I can personally vouch for Paul. You get long term help and support
  • Simple to use and easy way to find expired domains that you can use to build lists, get sales or just redirect traffic to a site you own.


  • You will need to spend a bit of time/creativity doing your research. Use your imagination when domain hunting.

Overall, this is a simple yet very powerful concept. If you spent a little time searching for domains with a little creativity (do not just type on weight loss or the exact names of top Clickbank products) then you should be able to unearth some gems.

Domains are expiring all the time. It is about finding them before they get snapped up and a tool like this is great for that.

This is one software I wholeheartedly recommend so get it and use it!

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