Episode 120 – Video Traffic Genie Review

Last updated on March 12, 2020

Video Traffic Genie Review

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Video Traffic Genie Review: This a new video course by a guy I have gotten to like recently, Paul Venables. Paul has put together a new training series called Video Traffic Genie which allows you to divert traffic from videos that are already ranking to your videos.

Now, while this is a YouTube product, this has no relation to video creation, ranking, or any of the other usual topics when video trainings are released.

I’ve been through the entire front end and it’s a series of over the shoulder videos that take you through Paul’s method.

Every time you apply this method, you will need to spend between $1 and $2 and that is all.

While I cannot reveal the technique as that wouldn’t be fair, I will make a review and try to answer all the questions I would have if I were a potential buyer.

Video Traffic Genie Review Video

Update 6 days later:

This shows it is working. I am direct linking just to test, but that always means low conversions. When I get some spare time, I’ll redirect to a presell to test 🙂

Does Video Traffic Genie Work?


8 thoughts on “Episode 120 – Video Traffic Genie Review”

  1. Looks like another unique traffic generation method from videos. OTO 1 also looks awesome to supercharge the method. Looking forward to the launch. Regards.

  2. Adam has a way of explaining things in a way that is easy to implement and his objective reviews and recommendations you can go by. This one too looks like something to go for!

  3. Adam, i’m waiting this to be available on Sunday. as you indicated ‘may not be instant commissions’, how long would you say for the commission to be expected. thks~

    • Hard to say Eunice. In fact, impossible to say as every case will be unique. I will say that you will yield better results NOT direct linking and sending to your own page.

  4. Hi Adam, some success with sales via squeeze page .
    Need to go deeper with more confidence .
    Looking forward to reading more stuff from you and your attitude to only reviewing what you truly rate .
    Thanks and happy new year to you and yours .

  5. Video Traffic Genie….. I’ll have this, please! When Adam recommends something it’s sure to be a winner!
    Thanks Adam for the reviews and keeping it real!
    Best to you from Las Vegas,
    Syllviea Marie


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