Episode 74 – Video Turbo Store Review

Episode 74 – Video Turbo Store Review
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Video Turbo Store Review – A New Era in Video Marketing?


Episode 74 brings about a higher quality offer and marks a transition in this site from $4 PDF to a higher level product in general.

Video Turbo Store is by Peter Beattie. Peter is well-known in the video marketing niche and has a ton of hight quality products on the market place. Video Turbo Store is his latest.

In short, it is a WordPress plugin that will turn ANY video (not just yours) into an E-commerce store of sorts so that viewers can buy products without diminishing their  viewing experience (this is vital).

Here is a demo of the Video Turbo Store in action and what to do and what NOT to do when you use it:

To get this kind of effect on your videos now, it is at least $40 PER MONTH. This is not a monthly fee and cheaper than $0 so a no-brainer.

Video Turbo Store Review Video

Calling this a WordPress plugin does not really do it justice, but that is, in effect, what it is. It’s just super sexy and if used to its potential, could really help a lot of folk.

So who is it for?

Well, are you one of these folks:

+ A CPA marketer

+ A Warrior Plus or JVZoo reviewer

+ A product Creator

+ A Clickbank marketer

+ Do work for clients off and online

+ Sell physical products

+ Human

If you fall into one of the above categories then you need to take advantage of this. Period.

Video Turbo Store Funnel:

Front End: Video Turbo Store $17-$37

OTO 1: Pro Boost Templates $67

OTO 2: Tube Empire Revelations : 47

OTO 3: White Label Store $197-$497

OTO 4: Million Dollar Sales videos De-coded.

Now, I have only reviewed the front end, so you will have to make the choice on what else you want or need.  If you do NOT have a product to sell and would like a high quality one ready to go, then Check out the White Label Store.

I’ll be grabbing OTO 2 myself  for sure 🙂

Clear your cookies before hitting the flashing red button to ensure you get the bonuses

Video Turbo Store Review


NO PLR BELOW. These are REAL bonuses that will help you use this product to the best of its ability.


JUST ADDED>> 3 New Huge Bonuses. Usually $97 each but FREE today only.

Video Consultant Power

Rapid Video Funnels
Instant Video Templates


1. 10 Done for you Animated Video Templates & Training that crank out animated marketing videos in minutes. Peter’s best selling product line ever!

2. The real secrets to Peter’s success online: 10 of the Most Lucrative Video Powered Marketing Funnels Stolen Borrowed Directly from the Private Playbooks of the Brightest Minds in Online Marketing Today.

3. Discover 23 of the best ways to increase your earnings as a video marketing consultant and demand more for your services today!




Peter’s Personal Collection of “Done for You” Video Script Templates that Help You Crank Out Highly Profitable Video Scripts in Minutes!

Only usually available if you buy directly for $97!




Video 1: How to use Video Turbo Store to Create a Side Business that will make you hundreds or even thousands per month if acted upon.

Video 2: $10 professional videos that will make you look like an authority even when you are not…How to use them to drive massive traffic to your Video Turbo Store Plugin vids!

Video 3: How to Syndicate ALL your Videos on Auto Pilot for Free and get huge Social Signals

Video 4:  Branding. How to add Branding to ALL your videos

Video 5 : Autoplay Function. What can you do Training.

Video 6: YouTube Cards and How to use them properly

Video(s) 7: YouTube technique that will rank #1 on YouTube and Google Page 1, then redirect back to your site to sell products using Video Turbo Store.






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