Episode 319 – Vidnami Review & Bonus

Last updated on October 7, 2020

Whatever you are trying to accomplish online, you need to know more about video marketing.

The trouble is, many people are shy.

They do not want to make videos as they’re afraid of appearing on camera.

Others have little to no tech experience nor skills?

Some of the leading video creation and editing softwares such as AdobePremiere Pro and Vegas Studio are super powerful but have a very high learning curve

Most other software released on places like Warrior Plus do not get updated and are poorly supported. 

Who want’s to buy something like that?

So what to do?


If you are looking for a video content creator that allows to to quickly and simply make videos on any topic, without having to appear on camera, or even use your own voice, then continue reading this Vidnami review.

NOTE: Vidnami used to be called Content Samurai.


What Is Vidnami Exactly?

Vidnami used to be called Content Samurai and many folk still refer to it by that name.

But as time goes by, people will become more familiar with this new brand name.

It is a web-based tool that uses AI to allow users to create pro looking videos simply by copying and pasting a script.

Vidnami then scours it’s huge collection of images and clips (that you have the rights to use) and implants them into your videos.

Should you want, you can edit them, upload an synch an audio, add watermarks and more. 

Let’s have a look in more detail.

What are the Features of Vidnami?

As you can see in the image below, there are a ton of useful features.

Vidnami Review

Whether you need images, clips or audio, they have it all.

You can choose from their huge collection and you have the rights to use them so no worries about getting into trouble.

If you prefer to use your own videos, images or audio clips, then that’s fine too.

The text-to-speech function is one area that appeals to many.

For me personally, I don’t use it as I’m fine to use my own voice but if you lack confidence, or English isn’t your native language, then you can use this.

With a little tweaking the voices can sound pretty good, but nothing can replace a real human voice.

I’ll be showing you many of these further down in my Vidnami review video.

What Kinds of Videos Can You Make?

Videos for Youtube and those for Facebook, for example, should not be made the same. 

Different social media videos require different specs.

With Vidnami you can make:

  • Square videos 
  • Regular YouTube videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Influencer videos ( with bars on the top/bottom)
  • How to videos
  • Videos for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more

Who is Vidnami For?

It’s really useful for anyone who wants to use video to create videos to get more brand exposure, traffic, affiliate sales and so on.

In fact, if you have any type of business or presence online, it can prove extremely helpful.

Even if you don’t, but you have a regular brick and mortar business then Vidnami can help you get clients you may not have gotten otherwise.

Also, it’s perfect if you are:

  • Shy
  • Introverted
  • Lacking in technical knowhow
  • Wanting to NOT use your voice

In short, it’s for:

  • Small business owners
  • Internet Marketers
  • Small business owners
  • SEO folk
  • YouTube marketers
  • Marketers who want to build a list
  • Anyone who wants more exposure

Vidnami Review Video

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Vidnami Review

How Can I Use Vidnami?

If you prefer to read, then these are the steps you must take after logging in.

  • Choose which category of video you want.
  • From here, choose your preferred template and edit it if you wish (not necessary)

Vidnami Review


  • Give your video a title
  • Paste in your script


  • Go through and check or edit the slides
  • Look at the text (bold, underlined and all spelling is ok)
  • Choose the images or clips you want to use
  • Upload your own clips/images if you want.


Vidnami Review


  • Upload your  audio if you have one next
  • Or choose one of the other audio options to suit.

Vidnami Bonus

  • Add your watermark
  • Adjust volume
  • Synch audio and slides.


  • Generate your video
  • Download it and use wherever you want.

Vidnami Review

It really is as easy as it gets and with a little practice, you’ll be super fast at knocking out awesome looking videos.

How is it Possible to Make Money? 

To me, this is where most reviews or tutorials fall down.

It’s not just as simple as copying and pasting some random article into Vidnami, creating the video and adding an affiliate link.

If you decide to buy , then I have a Vidnami bonus on video creation that will help you with this.

Scripting, ranking, Calls to Action, congruency of video to landing page to offer all play a role.

Vidnami Bonuses [See Trial button below]

  • 40% OFF Content Samurai for life (Save $216/year)
  • 12 Brand New Influencer Video Templates
  • 30,000+ Music Tracks from Storyblocks Audio (Save $180/year)
  • 790,000+ Storyblocks video clips (Save $468/year)
  • A FREE copy of our Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint Pack
  • PLUS their ‘How To Convert Your Smartphone Into A Pro Video Camera’ cheat sheet

An Overall Summary:

I have been doing full time video marketing for several years and this is in my top 3 best ever purchases.

I’m a long term and heavy user of this and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

You can get a free trial for a week below to try it out.

They also occasionally have deals and discounts 

To be ready for those, join my Facebook group.

Other than that, I hope you liked this Vidnami review and please ask any questions below. [And a share on Twitter or Facebook would be appreciated too]







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