Vidnetics Review: Laser Targeted YouTube Ads Made Easy

Last updated on November 6, 2020

Vidnetics Review

In 2019 a friend of mine flew from Singapore to Japan to hang out and discuss video marketing.

Despite being in Japan, we eded up in a British pub the first day and after a few drinks made a plan to create a YouTube related software.

After more thought, we came up a with a name [Vidnetics] and all the wonderful features it would have.

We wanted something for YouTube advertisers.

A software that found monetized videos.

But we also knew such tools already existed so we needed to greatly improve what was already out there.

I won’t go into the plans we had back then but what I will say that the development took a lot longer and cost a lot more than we had originally expected.

Here’s a pic of a much nicer meal we had in Japan on a trip to Kyoto.

Vidnetics meal

In fact, it took us over a year to bring it to the market.

Sure we could have launched earlier and allowed users to find the bugs, but we wanted to be far removed from the sleazy IM vendors that are in this space.

We hired project managers, developers, graphic designers from different parts of the globe, and while I almost went homeless in the process, finally brought it to the market.

Let’s look at what Vidnetics really does in this Vidnetics review.

Vidnetics Review

All of the features and functions we have had added to Vidnetics are to enhance the user experience, not simply to pad it out.

I have seen many do that in the past and it might sound good on a sales page but not be all that from an end user point of view.

Let’s get started looking at what it does by doing a Vidnetics review of the features.

Finding Monetized Videos

The Video Finder tool in Vidnetics doesn’t just find monetized videos – the ones you’re supposed to check one by one, in an excruciatingly painful and draining manual process.

It also finds the ones which allow ads, but aren’t currently running them and even has the ability to find the ads that are being run on them.

Go down to the spy feature below to learn more about that.

You can also perform searches based on other videos or even whole channels.

ROI calculator

Our ROI Calculator enables you to input conversion data to accurately predict the ROI of an ad campaign before you run it.


It will help you gain better insight in your marketing budget and track your KPIs.

Combining this with your landing page’s average conversion rate, you can pre-determine the required metrics of your campaign thus giving you a better chance of success.

Full Youtube Ads Course

My partner in Vidnetics, Gabriel Jude, ran a 7 figure YouTube ads agency so I convinced him to create a full on extensive A-Z of YouTube ads course.

Other YouTube ads softwares have tiny courses that do not even touch the surface.

I’ve seen what other tools offer and frankly, these are lightweight when it comes to training.

Vidnetics review

Beginners need more than that.

In the course provided, there are 5 core elements.

We cover everything from deep market research, knowing your KPIs and the viewer journey to the creative, to setting up the tracking on Google Tag manger, to navigating the interface of Google ads plus much more than I can mention here.

Keyword Search Volume Tool

Have you ever tried to get the search volume for YouTube keywords?

Basically you cannot unless you drop $300 or so a month in a high end tool.

We built this into Vidnetics and our technology not only give you YouTube AND Google search volume, but we even present it in monthly tables to look for seasonal trends.

Vidnetics Keyword research

To run discovery ads, getting this data is vitally important but it can also be used to plan your organic YouTube video schedule

Spy feature [HUGE]

This is my favourite feature and one that I have not seen any other tool have.

Via this feature, you can tell Vidnetics what location you would like to search videos from regardless of where you are at.

So, let’s say you are in Australia but you want to search for Canadian ads.

You select Canada, ad your keyword [for example, keto diet] and hit search.

You’ll get keto diet related videos that are monetized BUT you’ll also get all the in-stream ads that are currently running on that video to a Canadian audience.

You can add these videos to a swipe file for later, get the video info, use the ad for inspiration and more.

Often times, these are videos uploaded as unlisted and cannot be found normally.

Vidnetics review

To give you an idea, Adbeat charges $999 for its enterprise level to offer you similar functions.

Our higher priced plans, which is where we offer this function, is a fraction of that.

Best Support

This is where I believe we truly stand out and I say this having been in other YouTube Ads groups and softwares.

Firstly, Gabriel and myself are always available and willing to help.

We are giving members 1-1 support via chats and personalised videos.

There is a Facebook group as well along with a support desk.

We do NOT promote other things to our members or get them to register for webinars to sell more stuff.

That’s not how we do things in Vidnetics.

People join us to learn about YouTube ads. or to use the software, not to be pitched for other people’s stuff.

Vidnetics Review Video

Vidnetics Pricing

There are currently 3 pricing plans.

Lite: $67 PM

Plus: $97 PM

Pro: $147 PM

NOTE: The spy feature is only available for the higher plans.

For the right person, this is a steal.


If you are a beginner looking to get started, or someone who realizes the potential of Youtube ads but needs a helping hand, then Vidnetics is for you.

And if you already have a similar tool, we hope we can convince you to make the switch.



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