Review of THE VMI Script for Click to Call

 Review of THE VMI Script for Click to Call

One a part of my new and super sexy Video Marketing Insider is access to a script.

This script can be placed on as many WordPress sites as ya like.

And it turns a link into something more powerful.

It can act as a click to call, click to skype or click to email.

In short, you RANK a video or take out an AD.

A viewer clicks on a link in the descritpion, or if you meet the crietrai, in a car or end screen.

A pop up appears on that page prompting either a phone call, email or skype call.

Let me show you more:

And this is what happens:

Of course, if you have a page on aNY social media, you ana paste a URL with this script.

And if you add a little text, get traffic and desired results….

Who is this for?

So you are a local marketer? BINGO

Do Pay Per Call? BINGO

want to deliver more leads? BINGO

And you get all this as one TINY part of Video Marketing Insider.

PS….ONLY Cool people who want to improve ALL aspects of video marketing, get access to tons of over teh shoulder training and softwares need apply.

Grab the VMI script and more…

Video Marketing Insider

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