Episode 312 – WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket Review

It’s not often that I review WordPress plugins on my Beers site.

There are a few reasons.

  • They generally do not interest me
  • It’s not a topic I feel confident on
  • I mostly use free ones myself

But recently a lot of my sites, as I continue to add content to them, have gotten somewhat slower.
And fast loading websites are very important because:

  • They mean a better user experience
  • People often leave if the pages / posts load too slowly
  • It’s one of a multitude of ranking factors.

I was recently exposed to a plugin called WP Rocket that I’ll be reviewing today.

It’s not on 90% of my sites and through testing, they have all seen a dramatic improvement in speed.

No Tech

For me at least, the great thing about WP Rocket is there is no tech involved. 

No need for any code.

Just Install like any other plugin, activate and follow a simple configuration tutorial (check some boxes).

That’s it.

How to Check Site Speed

There are many tools, even Google’s own one and they should all be taken with a pinch of salt.

I use this one: https://gtmetrix.com/

When you go there, paste in the URL you’d like to check.

Best to paste in a published post or page rather than the homepage as most of your visitors will be going to pages or posts as they come across them.

Aim for a B at minimum.

100% could even be a sign to Google that you are doing too much and over optimizing things so no need to make the site perfect.

So, let’s have a look inside and see some results with my review video.

WP Rocket Review Video

WP Rocket Pricing Plans

WP Rocket Review




Anyone with a WordPress website should use WP Rocket on all their sites in my opinion.

There’s no trial but they do offer a refund/guarantee. 

You won’t need it though.

Upgrades are possible at anytime and they offer decent support.

All you need to do is install it and activate it: WP Rocket will automatically start caching your pages, without any need to tweak the code!


Click Here to get WP ROCKET

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