Xmas Cash Giveaway Review

Episode 117 – Xmas Cash Giveaway Review

Episode 117 – Xmas Cash Giveaway Review
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Xmas Cash Giveaway Review

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In September this year, I spoke at an International conference in Tokyo. My presentation was about YouTube and the power of video with a focus on Paid Ads. It seems now, the vultures are out in force ready to milk this for all its worth.  There’ll be a plethora of YouTube Ads products in 2016, mark my words. And hey…a few of them may actually be good 🙂

Anyhow… At the event, I met some great folk and yes, I will name drop:

Michael Devlin ( World’s leading Amazon expert and Linkedin/ Twitter master)

Gulliver and Leah Cosgrove (sales team extraordinaire. They trained the sales teams of Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss)

Marky Lyford ( Bitcoin guy who owns his own crypto currency trading platform)

Phil Kyprianou ( E-Com genius)

And many many more.

The event was hosted by James Brown and Chris Blair and from that, I was asked to be a contributor to a Christmas Giveaway.

And it’s that Xmas Giveaway that I’m gonna review here.

Xmas Cash Giveaway Review Video

I know a large majority of the folk inside personally and they are good people. All of them have a variety of skill sets. Even if you have my own YouTube Money Map, you can get great stuff on: Copywriting, list building, video creation as well as plugins and software.

So sign up, grab your gifts and Merry Christmas!


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