YouTube Ads For Local Review

Episode 249 – YouTube Ads for Local Review

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YouTube Ads for Local Review

I’m keeping this short and sweet. I was asked inside of Video Marketing Insider about this offer called YouTube Ads for local. As I had never heard of it so I ended up buying it and the first OTO. I did this so I could make this review.

If you’ve bought any of my courses, you have more than enough information on YouTube ads and it is probably a case of you needing to get out of your comfort zone and taking action.

That said, this is the first time I have seen a YouTube Ads training that is focused solely on local marketing.

So if you have a small business or clients who do, then this may be of interest:

YouTube Ads for Local Review Video

YouTube Ads for Local Review of the Funnel:

$17 Front End  – The core YT Ads for Local training.

$49 OTO  – Running a Local Adwords Agency. How to run an agency; what to charge clients; New changes to the Adwords platform in 2018.

$49 OTO  – Selling and Building a Youtube Channel for Local

$17 / Month OTO – Monthly Membership

NOTE: In My opinion, Only the F/end and OTO 1 are needed.

NOTE 2: VMI members will prob have enough info anyway

Email Fire Review

My Bonus: I will add a pack OF CTA banners for In-stream ads ( please wait a few days as they are being made up now plus access to Tube Traffic Alchemy and the OTO




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