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Episode 169 – YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review

Episode 169 – YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review
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YouTube Channel Mastery Relaunch Review


A few months ago, I released what I consider to be one of my best courses, YouTube Channel Mastery. If you have it already then no need to grab it again of course. But if not, then I really think you’ll benefit from this.

Whether YouTube is your main traffic source or not, having a fully optimised channel will allow to to harness the power of the world’s second biggest search engine.

I have worked with newbies, e-commerce owners, affilaite marketers and all in between to help them with their YouTube Videos and channels. Hope you enjoy the YouTube Channel Mastery video.

YouTube Channel Mastery Review Video

YouTube Channel Mastery Funnel

Front End offer is my Channel Mastery course, 35 over the shoulder‘ videos ( inside a Members Area) on how to build an ‘Authority Channel’ in YouTube which YouTube rewards by giving your videos higher rankings. This truly is the ultimate course in building the real foundations for a successful YouTube Channel. $27

First OTO is Clive’s Authority Ninja training to discover the Ranking Power Index of any competitor’s videos and channels and thus find the videos you need to interact with  and so increase your  own channel’s authority! Includes software to speed up the process: RPI Checker Pro $17

is the Descriptomatic Elite software which optimizes Video, Channel and Playlist Descriptions for supreme optimization of any Authority Channel. Top End and tested SEO software. $97 or the lite version for $47.

I am of course, totally biased but I love all the above.

YouTube Channel Mastery

This course has 35 videos. A Bonus would take away from the insane value that is in this course and probably overwhelm people.



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