YT Gorilla Review

Episode 181 – YT Gorilla Review

Episode 181 – YT Gorilla Review
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YT Gorilla Review

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Andrew Fox is one of the biggest and most successful Internet marketer around. But secretly, he has been making waves on YouTube

His brother Chris and he, while perhaps not known for YouTube, have been behind some huge channels. One of them, a fitness based channel has some mad stats:

5,389,263 (5.38 Million) FREE Views on YouTube and 60,000+ Leads (not bad eh!)

Some of the biggest factors on ranking, are, as you know, titles, descriptions and keywords (tags). But to optimise for video after video it can be pretty time consuming. So thee guy made a new tool to help with this.

YT Gorilla is their in-house software that they use to target keywords.

With the data the tool spits out, you know all about the competitors stats. BUT the best thing is the alerts.

YouTube Gorilla is a new software that will Automatically Show You Your Competitors Keywords For Top ranking Keywords , Descriptions for any video in one place within seconds

They also have a pretty col “Alert” system which lets you know when a hot new video is released on YouTube so you can get in their first and piggy back of their traffic.

YT Gorilla Review Video

YT Gorilla Funnel

Front End: $67 – YouTube Gorilla Keyword tool + Alerts

OTO 1: Advertising credits plus feature your ad in the header/footer email alerts sent to users

3 pricing options for OTO1 >> $19.95 monthly , $67 yearly or $97 one time.  I have not reviewed this nor OTO 2 BUT, if you get it it makes sense to get the one-time, or the monthly and test it out.

OTO 2: Advertising credits. Not sure of the price of this.


+ Nothing to download – Access from Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet

+ Notifies you via web browsers and email

+ Great for building massive brands on YouTube


-Nothing really. Perhaps a little pricey but it only appears that way because the whole market is generally underpriced.

YT Gorilla Review


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